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In what way is

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In what way "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is a novel of secrets where the truth is hard to see? The aim and purpose of this assignment is to show the way in which "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is a novel of secrets and where the truth is hidden and difficult to see. One can see by the title that the it has been described as a Case, and therefore isn't the same as a story. I will firstly talk about the Victorian society, i.e. particularly privacy and reputation and then the characters Utterson and Enfield will be discussed followed by Jekyll and Hyde. Then their views on privacy and reputation will be closer looked at. The Victorian era was the time of an industrial revolution, which gave way to a rich country where the class differences were noticeable, especially, within the social classes. The society then was very strict, closed and reserved. This led to people being discreet about their affairs because they wanted to uphold their reputation and privacy. The character of Mr. Utterson is a lawyer by profession; therefore he should be bound to discretion, tact and diplomacy. Not only because he has a profession that demanded all these characteristics but they are innate in him . ...read more.


He was a very curious man and believed with the help of scientific experiments he could split his own personality into two units, one good and one evil. He is well known for his charity and goodness, a man of conscience who was also attractive. Mr. Hyde is the primitive side of Mr. Jekyll, his appearance displeased people i.e. they cringed at his looks. He resolved his issues with physical and mental violence e.g. after clash with the girl on the street corner, he pays no attention to her cry and began to trample over her. This shows a lack of compassion and conscience. Utterson has a high regard for privacy as shown in the extract when talking to Enfield who reveals the address of where Mr. Hyde had put the key in the lock. Mr. Utterson knew of the person living there but did not let on how well. His honesty is high- lighted here as he asks Enfield if there is something to amend in his statements about the incident between Hyde and the child. Another example is where Mr. Utterson keeps quiet when the police inquired about the death of Sir Danvers Carew. Mr. Utterson is a man who protects his private affairs along with those of others and their reputation. ...read more.


Hyde's criminal activities. Soho, an area in London is described as a dirty place "like a district of some city in a nightmare". In conclusion the characters in Stevenson's novel high- light opposites; Utterson a righteous, honest man. One could argue he is diplomatic because of his profession but this also indicates that he is not at all like his relative Mr. Enfield as he seemed to react in the exact opposite way. With Jekyll and Hyde it's a similar more extreme situation. Mr. Jekyll is described as man who is a well- respected figure amongst society whereas Mr. Hyde is a violent man who has no sense of morality. What Stevenson is trying to high- light is that between Utterson and Enfield there are differences to be made as also between Jekyll and Hyde. In this case it is one person sharing a dual personality. The language the author uses is very much formal and depicts sense of horror and conveys darkness upon the reader e.g. the fog and the setting of the story. The tale remains mysterious and is left for people to interpret in their own way. Secrets are everywhere. It is part of human nature and completely natural. This is further helped by the closed society of the Victorians. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asha Pathak - English Coursework- Prose Study Jekyll & Hyde ...read more.

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