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In What ways could a production “A view from the Bridge”, explore the plays tragic elements.

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In What ways could a production "A view from the Bridge", explore the plays tragic elements. The play "A view from the Bridge" is by Arthur Miller. It has some tragic elements such as the murder of Eddie, the main protagonist, at the end. Arthur Miller was going to name the play "The Italian Tragedy but he did not, as this would give the plot away. Shakespeare often used the technique of utilizing the characters names who were in the play. The Greek's first initiated catastrophe in their theatres. "A view from the Bridge", is mainly set in Eddie's street apartment, thus fulfilling the unity of p Other characters in the play are Catherine, Marco, Rodolpho and Beatrice. Catherine has been staying at Eddie's apartment ever since her mother died,"If your mother was alive". Catherine is now seventeen years old, living with Beatrice and Eddie. Catherine is Eddie's niece. Beatrice is Eddie's wife and treats Catherine as her own daughter. Beatrice and Catherine converse to each other but not as much as Catherine and Eddie. ...read more.


Catherine in the beginning of this play always wants Eddie's approval over everything. She always wants to try an please him, "You like it", "I'll get you a beer". Eddie is a longshorman, who works in the docks from Brooklyn Bridge. He is fourty years old and speaks slang "gotta". He is overprotective towards Catherine and is invariably aware of her sexual attractions, from the beginning, "I think its too short". You been givin me the willies the way you walk (act one) Eddie does not let Catherine grow up even though she is seventeen years old "kid", he still thinks she is a baby. In this play Eddie is thought to be the tragic hero who has flaw. But I think that when Marco and Rodolpho comes his behaviour towards them makes him loose his heroic qualities. He starts to loose his heroic fascination when Catherine and Rodolpho begin to be engrossed in each other. He starts to dislike Rodolpho and starts to be pleasant to Marco =. ...read more.


The only law is being an illegal immigrant in America. At first Eddie is reluctant about telling immigration that he comes to a decision and decides that the only thing left for him to do is to inform immigration. "I wouldn't do notin, about that". In Alfiere chorus you know that Eddie is going to do something inadequate and that there will be a tragic ending. "I could see every step coming step after step, like a dark figure walking down a hall towards a certain door". In act 2 Alfiere sets the scene which also leads you to thinking that there is going to be a tragic ending like the date of the scene. "Twenty third of that December". There is a time lapse between the two secne as act 1 is set early in the year. There is a great deal of imagery used in this play. Especially the bridge Because you associate bridges with links to certain things. Like in this play there is a link between families. The bridge is used in the title and in the paly itself, as it is set in the shadows of Brooklyn Bridge. Also" The Bridge" is where Eddie works. s ...read more.

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