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In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards?

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In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards? From 1941 the Nazis used the Einsatzgruppen, concentration camps, hard labour and worst of all death camps to eliminate Jews. They also set up transportation systems to the concentration/death camps from the ghettos. Poland 1939 ghettos where introduced into society, because of the large population of Jews in Poland that Hitler felt had to be controlled and used as a work force. The conditions in the ghetto where cramped to say the least. An average household would have seven people to a room with only one in every hundred flats with running water and a basic ration of three hundred calories per person. With widespread disease and hunger many people died, in the Warsaw ghetto alone 500,000 people died of starvation and typhus, despite all this the Jews tried to live like a community even though they where beaten, killed, forced to work with little food and only allowed to leave the ghettos to work in the near by factories or to be 'resettled' by the Nazis. ...read more.


It wasn't until they went into the 'shower' rooms that they realised something was wrong, but by then it was too late. Those lucky enough chosen to live would then go through the 'welcoming' process at the camp; their heads were shaven, and they were forced to shower naked with males and females alike, then a number would be assigned to them and tattooed upon their arm, there were no names in the concentration/death camps just numbers. Death camps has been described as living hell by many who have experienced it, the daily routine consisted of role call where every prisoner dead or alive had to attend, sometimes the Jews where left standing there for hours upon hours. Whilst in the camp their were more selections to go through to decide whether or not you lived or died, except from this time everyone knew what was happening so there were hurried attempts to make themselves look healthy for the doctors. ...read more.


The Jews in the camps no longer had a sense of right and wrong since many would steal another's food due to starvation and some would even urinate on themselves as it was considered to be washing. This was to make the Jews weak psychically and mentally, this occurred so often that they were given a name: mussel men. The Nazis had many methods of eliminating the Jews they used hit men - the Einsatzgruppen to eliminate as many Jews in a short amount of time, they used concentration camps where if the work didn't kill you, you were likely to become a mussel man - functionless, there were death camps where a lot Jews died on the day of their arrival, general labour that they were forced to do with little food, after all that the survivors of the death camps where then forced to go on a death march. Which literally was walk until dead, although many did survive. In total six million Jews where killed from these methods of elimination. ...read more.

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