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In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards?

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In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards? From 1941 onwards the Nazis had the Einsatzgruppen and concentration camps whose main aim was to eliminate Jews either immediately or through hard labour, eventually in 1942 death camps where introduced as the final solution to the Jew 'problem' and transportation systems where organised to retrieve Jews from the ghettos. Ghettos where first set up in Poland 1939, this was mainly because of the large number of Jews in Poland that Hitler felt had to be controlled and used as a work force, whilst there the average Jew in the Warsaw ghetto had any property confiscated and would have to share a room with 7 other people; so 21 people might live in a three bed roomed house e.t.c. And only 1 in 100 flats had running water, with widespread disease and hunger throughout the ghettos many people died, in the Warsaw ghetto alone 500,000 died of starvation and typhus. The Jews where prisoners in the ghettos only allowed out to work in nearby factories and expected to survive on a basic ration of 300 calories a day. ...read more.


Some Greek Jews actually paid to travel on the cattle trains, this is proof that they truly believed that they where being resettled. When they finally arrived at their concentration or death camp they where immediately selected as those fit to work and those who should die, firstly the women and children on one side then the men on the other, then they would be split up into those who will live and those who will die. Those chosen to die patiently waited and waited to have a shower and to be reunited with their families, of course they where never seen again. Those who where chosen to live had to work and soon found out that they would be working continually for years of their lives. Death camps where like a living hell for anyone the Nazis disliked, their daily routine included role call for everyone in the camp dead or alive, at five o'clock possibly until ten/eleven o'clock, then work until it was time to sleep. Some jobs where considered more desirable then others, cleaning the toilets for example was one of the better jobs because it meant that you ...read more.


The living conditions where appalling too, sometimes as many as three to a bed, a bed that was made out of stone, disease would have been widespread if it wasn't for the hospitals that where on site. The living conditions where so bad that as the Jews slept lice would fall on them from the people sleeping above them, many had no control of their bladder and where only allowed to go to the toilet once a day for about five minutes and where considered extremely lucky to actually use the toilets provided, at any one time there were as many as three Jews to a toilet. They were so dirty that urinating on themselves was considered washing. After all the hardships they had been put through the Jews where finally able to walk out of the camps... only to be sent on a death march, where they would literally walk to their deaths. Elimination of the Jews almost worked for the Nazis, they had almost destroyed a whole race, through ghettos, concentration camps, death camps general labour, starvation and death marches. Six million Jews died, because of the Nazis discrmination. ...read more.

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