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In what ways do Romeo and Juliet make use of

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In what ways do Romeo and Juliet make use of "courtly love"? Based on this exploration, discuss whether you feel this love is genuine In the Elizabethan era men would go to all extremes to show women how much they loved them. This was called Courtly love. Around this time, men were expected to declare their love for a woman like this, and the women enjoyed the men telling them how beautiful they were. Men who wished for a woman to love them back would carry on wooing their mistresses until necessary or until their mistress's fell in love with them. Although the thought of this sounds like a good idea for a women, because receiving attention is a nice thing, but there were rules and consequences. The men had to look for a lady of an unattainable status, for example women who were already married or they may have been of a higher class of people. The consequences of courtly love came after the wooing stage. Men were sometimes ignored by these women for days, even weeks! ...read more.


Here he is showing all the signs of courtly love because he is suffering dearly, yet they are clearly not together. I do not think this is genuine love to me as he later falls in love with someone else. The reader is led to believe this because when he attends the Capulet's party, he sees Juliet and we never hear the name Rosaline mentioned again in the book. When Romeo first sees Juliet he says; "My lips two blushing pilgrims ready stand/ To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." However this also suggests that he wants to kiss Juliet and forget all of the rules of courtly love. I think he does this because he genuinely loves Juliet and jus wants her to be his straight away, whereas when he loved Rosaline she was something he could pretend to love. Shakespeare uses a sonnet to introduce the lovers. This sonnet has a beautiful formality which perfectly captures the awkwardness yet irresistibility of the moment. Romeo says: "My lips two blushing pilgrims' ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." ...read more.


Romeo's first reaction to Juliet is that her beauty is astonishing and he cannot bear to look at her too much. He then compares her to sun which also shows the magnitude of his love. She feels the relationship is sudden like when she says; "which doth cease to be/ Ere one can say, "It lightens."" Yet by the wedding night she Is making a comparison to the luminescent quality of Romeo's love: "...when I die Take him and cut him out in little starts, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night." This is one of the rare occasions that Juliet mentions that fact how much she is in love with Romeo himself, instead of how in love she is in general. This quote truly sums up their love because she would need to have ignored |Romeo instead of telling him how much she loves him. In my opinion I believe that Romeo and Juliet were truly in love with each other and not just using courtly love. I think this because of the language they use when speaking to each other and the fact that they sacrificed their lives to be with each other in heaven. ?? ?? ?? ?? Carly Benville ...read more.

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