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In what ways do the two advertisement you have studied attempt to sell their products to different audiences.

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In what ways do the two advertisement you have studied attempt to sell their products to different audiences. I'm going to discuss how the media attracts so many people to buy various products. Advertising is used by companies to publicise and sell their products in the marketplace. The company sell the product by using advertisements that will attract young people to buy their products. The advertisement for Gillette Mach 3 Turbo uses the slogan "the best a man can get" to advertise a razor for men. The man who advertises the razor is very young so this makes young men want to buy their product. Gillette attempt to target the audience by making you think that if you buy this razor you will be a sexy and appealing man. However, the Gillette Passion Pink Venus advertisement targets young women. The women in the advertisement sell the product by suggesting that if you use the razor you will feel happy, joyful and ready to party every day. ...read more.


The advertisements act on young people's minds - this is what makes them buy the product. As I have pointed out before, the Venus advertisement uses the colour pink to attract a female buyer. Pink is a stereotypically feminine colour so for this reason, pink is used in a lot of women's advertisements. The character in the 'Gillette Mach 3 turbo' is upside down and this is attention grabbing and makes it look like he is in space. The image of the razor has stars in it and makes seem like he is in spaces. The slogan stats ''Now, total comfort whether you shave down or up - even against the grain'' that you can do it anyway you want. This seems to be very sexist because it suggests that men don't need any help because the slogan "Now, total comfort weather you shave down or up - even against the grain. Meaning they can do it their own way they can be individuals, unlike the four women in the other advertisement. ...read more.


In the ''Gillette Mach 3 turbo'' the layout, texts and images have been put around the page. The advertisement is suggesting that the image looks like he is in space they use the colour blue, silver and black this makes the image of the razor and the characters stand out of the page and it is a very masculine colour. In my conclusion I'm going to summarise the two advertisements. In the ''Gillette Mach 3 turbo' the company uses a sexy appealing male and Gillette make you think that if you buy this product there for it act on young people's minds to help the company sell their products. But in the ''Gillette Venus'' the company uses four sexy appealing females and how they make young women want buy their products this help to sell their products. Both advertisements use stereotyping such as in the men's advertisement. That are the way's that company use advertisement to sell their products. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joshua lundin 11T ...read more.

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