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'In what ways do you consider Twelfth Night to be more than simply an entertaining comedy?

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Friday, 21st December 2002 'In what ways do you consider Twelfth Night to be more than simply an entertaining comedy? With the writing of Twelfth Night, Shakespeare reached perhaps his highest achievement in sheer comedy, the comedy of entertainment and happiness without any shadow of unhappiness. In this play, we observe that happiness and laughter which is shown, and both actors and audience join in the bliss. During this play, the innocent hilarity continues, and we can perceive that it has a cheerful ending which restores the harmony to the temporary confusion of Illyria as we identify Olivia reunited with Sebastian and Orsino who resolves to marry Viola. We spot that the love triangle is resolved. All of the characters are likeable and very humorous as they all have their unique personalities as we see Sir Toby, who is lovable mischief man. Towards the end of this play, we distinguish that Malvolio has comical appeal, as towards the end of the play he stresses he will seek revenge. In addition, we witness that the play is delightful and amusing for the audiences in Elizabethan times and still is today in theatre. ...read more.


Indeed this play can also be seen as a poignant and elegiac play as we can witness this where Viola speaks her poignant lines, 'Hallow your name to the reverberate hills'. This is a moving part in the play, as Viola wants fulfilment, which we find out until the end of this play this is out of her grasp. The sad note running through the play surfaces with Feste the clown's final song where the players are all happily departed following the grand grouping of the final act, and Feste, on an empty stage, sings of the wind and the rain, of being a boy and then having to face 'man's estate.' He reminds us that these overly joyous, overly sentimental, and overly unrealistic characters have been too concerned with loving, spending, and getting, and that actually the more serious things of life are still there. Concluding this we can distinguish that this play can be seen in the terms of being a sad and moving play with the actions and feelings we can identify and are left with. This play also demonstrates trouble as we can immediately see that this play can be upsetting as its shows the darkness and harsh depths. ...read more.


All of the characters show the idea of having another side to them, as we learn that characters like Feste and Maria are deceitful and other characters like Olivia and Orsino seem to selfish and wrapped up within themselves as Orsino seems to be worried about his 'sweet love'. This play contains both romance and revenge, and is an open to leave the audience thinking whether love is triumph or whether revenge and uncertainty will follow. Concluding this we can see that this play raises the certain questions of the different types of love we are left with as Viola's, Malvolios and Orsino's. We can see the different types of play we can interpret this to be as it is a play which his on the different types of love, a play about the sadness and moving moments we experience. Concluding this we can see that this play invites the audience to think about what they would believe the play to be, a comedy or a play about other aspects as mentioned. This play is more than 'a comedy' as its complexity and interpretation makes this a play, which is successful as we are left to think about its true themes and understanding. Sanjay Chopra ...read more.

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