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In what ways does Priestley present the effect of the inspector's visit on Birling and Sheila?

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An Inspector Calls In what ways does Priestley present the effect of the inspector's visit on Birling and Sheila? 'An inspector calls' was set in 1912 in the North Midlands in Brumley in the middle class suburbs by a socialist writer name J.B. Priestley he wrote the play in 1934 and was first performed in 1945. At the time he wrote 'An Inspector Calls' England was unstable with the rich keeping there money and not helping those who couldn't afford to live as there was no welfare state this meant poverty for poor people for those who couldn't afford to live a normal lifestyle this also meant that factory owners could pay there employees a small wage. As a socialist J.B. Priestley believed that this was wrong and that everyone should be equal have the chance of living a normal life with a wage that meant that they could do that. ...read more.


Then they get a sharp phone call Birling answered and the man on the other side of the line tells them that a girl had committed suicide and a police inspector was going to go round to ask a few questions. The inspector takes the main role in 'An Inspector Calls' which means that he has a high significance in the play. He asks everyone in the Birling family questions about what there involvement in Eva Smiths death was. He gives a very strong impression of size, strength and intelligence towards them this causes them to confide in him as he stays solid throughout each of them. Inspector Goole also uses the information he already knows to create an impression that he already knows what they all have done this makes him look powerful and mysterious in the eyes of the Birlings. The inspector's sympathy for Eva is so strong that the sympathy also takes a hold on the more venerable of the Birlings; Eric and Sheila. ...read more.


When Sheila finds out about the death of Eva Smith and her role in her death which is that she got her fired from the job she loved as a shop assistant at Millwards for looking at her trying on a dress and smiling, and because Sheila looked at her and got jealous of her beautiful shape and acted like the spoilt brat she was, used her status as the Daughter of Mrs Birling to make the manager fire her. On finding out what her part was she changed from this spoilt brat to feeling sorry for Eva and became very caring of her part in the suicide. Whilst talking to the inspector Sheila treats him with full respect unlike her parents she listens to the inspector and understands what she has done wrong. I think that Sheila represents the youth of that day and how easily there minds can be changed about there way of life. She shows that young minds are very fickle. Thomas Gilbert Form: 10 Orange JJSMTC ...read more.

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