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In what ways does Shakespeare use violence in his play "Romeo and Juliet?"

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Romeo and Juliet In what ways does Shakespeare use violence in his play "Romeo and Juliet?" Shakespeare was writing his play in the late 16th century when a major form of entertainment was theatre. The plays were preformed in the playhouse, the playhouse were in the open air because there was no artificial lighting plays were performed in daytime, normally it would have been taken during the afternoon. Back in the 16th century most people liked entertainment, they enjoyed plays which had some action. The play I'm studying is "Romeo and Juliet," a love story which is very passionate; however the play has also has violence. Many sort of people watched these plays like the rich, poor, educated, illiterate, noble or common. Shakespeare realized that there were many different people who came to see his plays, so he found different dramatic techniques to ensure that his viewers would be delighted. Violence was one of the powerful techniques which are used in "Romeo and Juliet." This includes drama to the play as it shows thrill and terror as they carry on watching. My task is to explain in what ways does Shakespeare use violence in his play "Romeo and Juliet." The back ground of the play is about two wealthy families in Verona. ...read more.


Tybalt was unable to fight Romeo because of his uncle's wishes, his uncle didn't want to cause any drama at his party; he wanted his guest to be satisfied. The audience would instantly think what would happen now if they have a fight after the party. Once again in Act 3 Scene 1 violence was occurred again, the setting is a hot summer's day. This shows the audience that something is going to happen because of what Benvolio says, 'and if we meet, we shall not 'scape a brawl, for now these not days, is the mad blood stirring.' This reveals to the audience that there could be another fight. As the C Capulet's enter the scene tension grows, 'By my heel, here comes the Capulets...By my heel I care not.' This is the quote of Benvolio and Mercutio; this shows the audience that Mercutio is looking for trouble. After all their offensive, abusive, violent words Tybalt and Mercutio gets killed when Romeo tries to stop the fight; trying to not get involved because of his love to Juliet, he must also love her cousin because now they are too related. Unaware of this situation Tybalt slays his best friend and escapes. At this point the audience would ask themselves if anything is going to happen next, if Romeo is going to get Tybalt back from killing his best friend or just leave it for the sake of his wife Juliet. ...read more.


The audience is now shocked with what has happened and wonders if the family would now see what they have done. The audience realized that the family were now disgraced with what they were doing, the family had taken many lives and now God had taken the two lives which mattered most; the daughter of the Capulet's and the son of Montague's. Shakespeare uses violence throughout the play to create excitement, drama and tragedy. This is because he wanted his audience to be interested throughout the play; he didn't want his play to be just about love. Instead of just a pure love story he chooses to add twist and turns to his play. Shakespeare also uses different moods and techniques to keep the audience fascinated so they would carry on watching the dramatic play. Shakespeare uses moods like, love, party, tension and humor. Love from Juliet and Romeo, party from the Capulet's party, tension from when Juliet drinks the poison and humor from the nurse who looked after her from when she was a baby. The nurse brought out rude jokes to make the audience feel less tense. Shakespeare brings out emotions which capture the audience attention and he also brings out violence and aggression to have enjoyment, amusement and entertainment. Shakespeare uses violence to also show the audience that you should always think of what you're about to do, before it's too late. Just like the star-crossed lovers. ...read more.

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