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In what ways is 'A view from the bridge' like a Greek tragedy?

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Introduction In this essay I will be explaining in what ways "A View from the Bridge" is like a Greek tragedy by exploring what Eddie's tragic flaw is and how it influences his actions, sending him on a path of self-destruction that eventually leads to his tragic downfall. I will also be explaining which of the other characters and key events in the play have the biggest impacts on Eddie and his downfall. In the opening scene of the play, the audience is shown the setting of the play, which is the harbour area of Brooklyn near the Brooklyn bridge. When it shows Eddie with Beatrice and Catherine their use of dialogue initially suggests to the audience that they get along well and that there is a general 'happy family' atmosphere. The scene gives the audience the impression that Eddie is a good man who seems perfectly happy with his life since he has the dignity of a job that he likes and the love of his family. The audience also find out that Eddie is not related to Catherine which is an important fact to remember about him. Even though Eddie is not Catherine's real father he is still extremely over-protective of her, which suggests he may feel a bit too strongly for her and it is this love which is in fact the tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall. ...read more.


that Eddie can use on Rodolpho. The chair held: "like a weapon" badman2k3's functionalism . over Eddie's head symbolizes his impending judgement and punishment and anticipates the way in which Marco, rather than Rodolpho, is to become Eddie's chief adversary. In first act of the play, Eddie told Catherine and Beatrice the story of Vinny Bolzano, precisely to show the audience his strong belief in loyalty to his family and community. There is also dramatic irony in Eddie's doing exactly the same thing of which he has spoken about with such horror. Eddie has warned Catherine that: "you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away". Now he find this to be true, his feigned horror in finding the Liparis share relatives with Marco and Rodolpho, and his suggestion that they are being tracked, which he says just before the immigration officers arrive, is a giveaway to his betrayal. Eddie tries to outface Marco, but the accusation is believed. Lipari and his wife, Louis and Mike, the stage representatives of the wider community, one by one leave Eddie alone, symbolizing his isolation. The climax of the play so to speak is kind of like the 'showdown' at the end of a western. ...read more.


Catherine's attitude to Eddie is entirely different though. Eddie who lays down the laws heavily influences her, but she seems totally unaware of her sexual appeal generally, but especially to Eddie. Beatrice actually has to tell her about it; 'but you're a grown woman and you're in the same house as a grown man. So you'll act different now, heh? Although Catherine is rather innocent, but I think that is because she is overprotected, so, in effect, there is a viscous circle. Catherine's attitude to Eddie is, totally non-sexual, but after Beatrice's talk, she does start to become aware of what could be going on, perhaps a little. It didn't even cross her mind that she was a potential 'rival' to Beatrice; 'He said you was jealous?' Heidegger enveloped badman2k3's structuralism hypothesis. When Catherine falls in love with Rodolfo, Eddie cannot stand this, and does everything in his power to stop it, as his subconscious desires tear him apart slowly. He even calls the immigration bureau and risks his respect (which means so much to him) for her. I feel that both Eddie and Catherine were partly to blame for the tragic end of their relationship and in general. However, Catherine gained her confidence and independence a little more toward the end of the play. Eddie's possessiveness and dominance over Catherine suffocated her into staying a 'baby', but I feel she could/should have been more self- aware, especially of the situation around her. ...read more.

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