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In What Ways is Act 3 Scene One a turning Point in 'Romeo and Juliet' and how does Shakespeare make it Dramatic?

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In What Ways is Act 3 Scene One a turning Point in 'Romeo and Juliet' and how does Shakespeare make it Dramatic?(Rough Draft) 'Romeo and Juliet' was set in Medieval Italy in the town of Verona. It is an adaptation of an ancient legend involving two lovers who belong to two rival feuding families. Due to the time setting of the play the themes of honour and family loyalty are apparent throughout the play. The values held by the characters in the play are very much medieval values; this causes problems for the lovers and makes it a lot more difficult for them. Although the play was set in medieval times, it was performed in costume of the era in which it was performed. This suggests that Shakespeare intended the play to be able to relate to any period in time and indicates that the issues in the play could be relevant to peoples' lives at any time. Throughout the play there was always an atmosphere of violence and tension. Even near the beginning of the play Tybalt was highly angered by the gate crashing of the Capulets' Ball; this was one of the main reasons why Tybalt challenged Romeo later on in the play. ...read more.


This extended metaphor creates an image of violence and suggests to the audience that Mercutio's temper is so vile that something as innocent as a fiddlestick could remind him of violence and combat. When Tybalt first approaches Mercutio he speaks in a very formal, controlled manner. Mercutio on the other hand speaks in a snappy, tense tone and brings in a suggestion of violence by responding to Tybalt with, "make it a word and a blow." This creates suspense amongst the audience and suggests that the violence will occur very soon. The actual clash between Mercutio and Tybalt takes place after a series of puns referring to fencing made by Mercutio such as line 80, "Come sir, your 'passado'". Mercutio often makes puns on the subject of fencing; another example of this is when he compares a fiddlestick to a sword. These puns show the audience that the subject of violence is always present in Mercutio's thoughts. Mercutio loses the duel due to Romeo interrupting the fight; although Romeo has good intentions, as in the rest of the play, he is rather unrealistic in his outlook and therefore ended up making the situation a lot worse for Mercutio. ...read more.


This shows that this fight has affected even Benvolio who is normally calm and fair. This scene has significant impact of the play as a whole. As Romeo has been exiled it is extremely difficult for Romeo and Juliet to see each other consequently their attitudes and personalities are forced to develop. Romeo becomes more realistic in his outlook and cannot afford to be so wistful and romantic anymore. Juliet becomes totally isolated as all her family and even the nurse betrays her; this forces her to become more mature and resourceful. She goes to see Friar Lawrence, as he is the only person left for her to turn to; he gives her some help but ultimately she is alone. Such developments in the personalities of Romeo and Juliet would be very noticeable and thought provoking to the audience. This scene is very much a turning point in the play as the whole tone changes after it. Instead of being light-hearted and romantic it becomes a lot more sombre and severe. There is little humour in the rest of the play and the whole ambience becomes solemn and grim. The situation of the protagonists becomes more and more desperate until in the end the only way out for them is to take the drastic step of taking their own lives. ...read more.

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