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In what ways is the character of the Inspector important to the play, An Inspector Calls?

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In what ways is the character of the Inspector important to the play, An Inspector Calls? In this piece of coursework I will be explaining why I feel that the inspector is important to the play in 'An Inspector Call'. The first point I will be exploring is what the impact the Inspector as on the 'Birling' family. The second aspect I will be examined will be the way the Inspector has been used to highlight the themes that have been taken place in the play. The final issue I will be looking at is the way J. B Priestley employed dramatic techniques and stagecraft to his play. The Inspector's first impact occurs as soon as he arrives at the Birling's family house. He changes the whole mood of the family, because just before the Inspector arrives the family just start to get comfortable, and Gerald Croft had just given the engagement ring to Mr Birling's daughter Sheila. Soon after Sheila and her mother Sybil then leave the room. Suddenly the Inspector knocks at the door and the mood changes instantly. He starts to question Mr Birling, which changes his attitude towards the Inspector. The main change that is noticeable is that he starts to become angry. ...read more.


This then makes Eric feel worse and he then also feels he is to blame for the suicide. Once the Inspector has left the house, Eric's mother and father also feel that he is to blame for the death of Eva Smith. When Gerald is interviewed by the Inspector he does not become very affected by her death in any way at all, but he does hold vital bits of information why Eva Smith committed suicide. The information that is forced out of him is that he slept with Eva Smith but she was known has Daisy Renton, they met when he went away for six weeks at a bar he also admitted that she stood out from every other woman in that bar and that is why he wanted to get to know her. Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald are all affected in their own way but not as nearly has affected has Sheila and Eric. I feel this is because Sheila and Eric have never been through anything like this before because they are only at a young age also because Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald have dealt with tough situations before, this situation that Sheila and Eric have been through will affect them for the rest of there lives. ...read more.


The next theme is Guilt, everyone in the Birling's feel guilty some time during this play. This tells you what can make people feel guilty and how they feel about what has been done. This then leads to responsibility. The Inspector says to family at the end that each and every one of them is to feel responsible for the suicide of Eva Smith. He says they should share the guilt between them all, and they are all to blame. The final theme which Mrs Birling feels really strongly about is the role of women. In this play Mrs Birling mentions about women's rights. Mrs Birling feels that women should be as equal as men, In the days the play was set, the rights wasn't equal. But when J.B Priestley wrote the play, women have got the same right has men. For example men and women can vote. For my conclusion, I feel that I have discussed why I feel the Inspector is important to the play. I have explained what the impact of the Inspector on each character is used to explore different themes. Also I have talked about dramatic techniques and stagecraft and how they are used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Huxtable Inspector Calls Coursework 04/05/2007 Page 1 ...read more.

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