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In what ways is the fight scene a turning point in the play "Romeo & Juliet" and how can it be seen as relevant to a modern audience?

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In what ways is the fight scene a turning point in the play "Romeo & Juliet" and how can it be seen as relevant to a modern audience? 'Romeo and Juliet' can be difficult to follow due to its language. This is because of the fact that the people in the play have strange names and are Italian. The language spoken is also different to the way we speak now. This is because it was written over 400 years ago. Another thing that makes the play difficult to understand is remembering who is from what family the people come from. The only people I can remember are Romeo from the Montague's and his best friend Mercutio. I can also remember Juliet Tybalt and the nanny from Capulets. I think this is because they are the main characters. It is also confusing when you see the original and modern versions of the play. This is because they use different weapons. The original uses daggers and sword and the modern uses guns. ...read more.


Even his appearance is humorous. He is the strangest character in the play. In the play he is very disturbing. During the 'Queen Mob' speech he appears to totally lose control. He shows he is not a total comedian. He has an angry side as well. He even follows the Montague's hatred for the Capulet family. This is one of the reasons the fight scene starts. Until this scene I felt reasonably relaxed 'Romeo and Juliet's' life together has gone reasonably well. They are married and are looking ahead to their future together. The main hint that something is going to happen is when the Prince of Verona says that if anyone else causes blood loss on the streets again they will be executed. Tybalt is the only other character that worries. He bottles up his anger in his face and voice you can tell this went Juliet's father does not allow him to throw Romeo out of the party, as he does not want to cause a scene. ...read more.


He says 'I am fortunes fool.' After this the play fortunes changes, which seems to cause bad things to happen to 'Romeo and Juliet'. Romeo is banished and Juliet takes a potion to make her sleep. Romeos friend thinks she is dead so he sets of to tell Romeo. The friar sends a telegram to Romeo to tell him that Juliet is not really dead. But the friend gets there first and tells Romeo. Romeo heads back to Verona to see her he ends up killing himself by her side. When she awakes and sees him she stabs herself and dies next to him. They are then both left to rest. Overall this love/tragedy play is written very well. The fight scene is the major turning point in the play. As from then on it just seems to get worse for 'Romeo and Juliet'. Until they wend up dying. All of this happens because of the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt, which Romeo joins in with. Maybe the ending would have been different if Romeo had not intervened with it at all. We the audience cant help wondering what might have been. ...read more.

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