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In Your Opinion, Who Is the Most Monstrous? Frankenstein or the Creature

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Frankenstein By Onkar Dhanjal In Your Opinion, Who Is the Most Monstrous? Frankenstein or the Creature.... "Frankenstein" the novel written by Mary Shelly was first published in 1818. Shelly was the only daughter of the philosopher William Godwin and his wife Mary Wollstonecraft, the radical feminist writer. Unfortunately Shelly's mother died almost immediately and Shelly was brought up by her father and his second wife. Although "Frankenstein" was published in 1818, Shelly first wrote "Frankenstein" in 1816 visiting Lord Byron on the shores of Geneva with her husband. The whole idea of creating a novel was thought of by Byron. This was because the four of them (Shelly, her husband Percy, Byron and Mary Shelly's adopted sister Jane Clairmont) had nothing really to do and Byron suggested to have a little competition - see who could write the best ghost story. He thought this would keep the group occupied, which it did and that was when "Frankenstein" was created. The idea originated from a nightmare Shelly had had and when her novel was written Percy Shelly told her to expand her story and helped her publish it in 1818. ...read more.


Frankenstein set off to join the University of Ingolstadt but the trip is delayed after his mother has caught scarlet fever from Elizabeth and dies. His spirits rise when he thinks what knowledge university would bring. This is the start of Frankenstein's obsession with work and the start of the horrific side of Frankenstein. When Frankenstein starts university, a chemist, M Waldman, got attracted by Frankenstein's motive to learn. Waldman thinks Frankenstein has "ability" and he has no doubt of Frankenstein success" Frankenstein is very wanting and obsessive, "A new species would bless me as their creator............no father could claim the generation of his child so completely as should deserve". Here Shelly uses religious imagery that makes Frankenstein sound as if he is god and as if he "deserves" to do is creation and scientific inquiries. This shows his arrogance and how he thinks he is exceptional and he is allowed to meddle with the laws of science. This obsession drives him to create his creature, the science creation that didn't go how he wanted it to. Frankenstein and Elizabeth's were very close, obsessive in fact. Frankenstein was deeply in love and obsessed with Elizabeth, "shed radiance". They were very close, but their attitudes to life were very different. ...read more.


The second is the creature's story and how Frankenstein abandoned him. The third is Frankenstein and the creature's struggle to agreements and the creature's violent streak. This way of structuring the novel is important and effective, instead of just one narrative and explains all the situations, this way, the character that is involved, is telling its own story. The end of the novel starts again with another series of letters; this is where we find Frankenstein at the end struggling to defeat the creature. This ending to this novel is ironic because Frankenstein is healed by nature when his actual crime is against nature. My opinion on who is the most monstrous out of the two characters, Victor Frankenstein and Its Creation. I have shown in this essay that both did horrid things, unforgettable things and that's why making a choice is difficult for the readers of the "Frankenstein". My decision is still unmade and probably will be as Frankenstein created the monster which was horrible and then ignored it and rejected it. The creature was born and did no harm at first, but the many rejections drove it to kill. You could say Frankenstein is mostly to blame as he created the monster and the monster got driven to kill, but then again you can say, did the monster really 'have' to kill? ...read more.

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