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In your opinion, who is to blame for the death of the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, in the play of the same name?

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In your opinion, who is to blame for the death of the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, in the play of the same name? In my opinion, there is not one person who is at fault here. It is a number of people and a number of factors that caused the death of these eponymous heroes. In this essay, I will be exploring all these factors and some people who are more to blame than others before coming to a conclusion on exactly why these two children died. These are the factors that cause the deaths: * Fate? * Chance? * Adolescent Passion? * Family Feud? * Fathers? * Specific Characters? From the very beginning, we are given indications that the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are down to Fate. We know that Romeo and Juliet have to die, that they are doomed. This couple are not responsible for their deaths in some ways. They were merely the victims of mischance. Had any one thing been different, they would have survived. Right at the start of the play the prologue tells the auidence that: "A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;" From then on the text includes numerous suggestions hat the pair are fated to die. ...read more.


When shown examples like this it is hard to argue that the deaths did not happen by chance. These coincidences or chances happen to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Having all the unfortunate events happen normally without a hint of chance would have made the play more boring and would of lost the audiences rapt attention. Possibly, it was Romeo and Juliet's lust for one another that made this happen. They knew that it would be impossible for them to be together yet they carried on despite knowing this. The feud played an enormous part in the deaths of these children. We are introduced to the feud within the prologue and see constant signs of its presence throughout the play. The audience is given no indication as to why he family's are arguing therefore we cannot take sides. If it were not for the feud then Romeo would not have been banished for avenging Mercutio's death. The fight would not have taken place in the first place. Romeo and Juliet would have been allowed to marry in the first place and so they need not have died. ...read more.


Lastly he ran out on Juliet in her hour of need. After planning the whole thing he chickened out once it all went wrong. He could of easily helped Juliet and at least she could have lived yet he choose to run and therefore she stabbed herself. The nurse did not play so much of a part in the deaths as the friar however she did enough to contribute to them. Once again she could have gone and told Lord and Lady Capulet about Juliet and Romeo but she didn't. She also was all for Juliet and Romeo getting married but when she met Paris she decided that perhaps Juliet should marry him as well as already being married to Romeo. Obviously Romeo and Juliet played a big part in their deaths but they were the innocent parties. They merely fell in love with on another. They were the victems of adolescent passion. They did not know when they first met that they were sworn enemy's. As you can see from all this evidence that I have presented to you it was not one thing that led to Romeo and Juliet's deaths but many, many things. I do not think that you can place the blame on just one thing when so many things contributed to it. ...read more.

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