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Infidelity - creative writing.

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Infidelity The guilt was becoming increasingly unbearable. I couldn't take the strain on my mind anymore; images of that night and what I had done kept flashing before my eyes every time I blinked, every time I closed me eyes to think for a moment and every time I shut my eyes and tried to sleep. I couldn't, I couldn't sleep because their faces kept haunting my mind - I was becoming an insomniac. His betrayal was the cause of my pain and personal anguish. His cunning and deceptive ways were what drove me insane and react in a violent and cold-blooded manner. Her innocence was no longer her beauty, her deceit was more than heartbreak for me - my world, my life, my dreams were shattered. Disloyalty, unfaithfulness and distrust had driven me to the height of insanity - I was losing control of myself. I couldn't bear the guilt any longer. I had to tell somebody. I had to confess my sin, my wrongdoing. She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen; oceanic blue eyes that you could dive into, hair so fine it seemed as if you were caressing silk and her skin was as smooth as velvet. ...read more.


Claire was in the shower at the time so I checked to see what the mobile phone screen read. It was a text message from a new contact because the telephone number had not been recognized by the phone book. I assumed that it was a message from one of Claire's "friends" so I thought I'd read it and tell Claire the message from outside the bathroom door as it may have been important. I was shocked at what I had just read. The text message read, "Don't forget, 8pm sharp at Holiday Inn Express hotel, room 128". My hand was shaking as I held Claire's phone. My palms had become sweaty. Claire having an affair was the obvious conclusion. We were engaged and the wedding was only a few weeks away now, our big day. My hopes and dreams were instantly shattered. I could literally feel my heart break as does a pane of glass when a rock or brick strikes against it leaving fragments of crushed glass all over the floor. I genuinely loved Claire and perhaps this was what I derived my courage and strength from to carry out my actions that were to follow. I erased the affection for Claire from my mind for now and resolved to get to the bottom of this. ...read more.


He had done that again tonight. I had forgiven his past but I couldn't forgive his present now. The thought of him being my brother had vanished from within me. I was equipped. I pulled it out and lashed out at him slitting his throat with one blow. And in a vengeful frenzy, I stuck Claire too - a fatal blow to the head. There was silence. Nothing could be herd except for my own breath panting for air. I had killed two people who were "close" to me. "That's my story and my confession gentlemen". I was sitting in an interrogation room, three other men and me. "Sergeant Russell and detective Jones, can I see you both in my office right now!" commanded the police chief. I had gotten it off my chest. A burden that was weighing me down had finally been lifted off my shoulders. Nobody had known that I had killed Claire and Mark. They were discovered by the hotel's housekeeping manager early next morning after my visit. I had gotten away with murder for three months but the guilt had become unbearable. It was driving me insane. I had become an insomniac. I sat there contemplating my possible demise after my confession. I was still equipped. I drew it and looking at it made me recall my sin. I smiled. "Goodbye Claire. I'm sorry." ...read more.

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