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initial d essay

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Debbie La 10AJA Analytical- Initial D film review The director's are Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. The film had been released in 2005. I have chosen the film 'initial D' because it has an interesting story about a teenager 'Takumi Fujiwara' (Jay Chou) had been driving since he was 13. His dad 'Bunta Fujiwara' (Anthony Wong) purposely forced him to drive so that he could help to deliver the tofu because he had a bad back not just that Bunta wanted Takumi to be a road racer. And his dad gave him a cup of water and put it on the holder and when drives fast the cup of water spins round so that he doesn't break the tofu. By not breaking the tofu and driving fast it gives him the technique of how to race, now that he's 18 years old and now he's in university with his best friend 'Itsuki Takeuchi' (Chapman) ...read more.


tachometer because he didn't know the limit so he had his dad to show him how to drive and teached him some words never forget is 'Don't use strength to strength to beat others, the one you have to beat is yourself' Takumi and Ryosuke raced with Kyoichi a rematch and in the end Kyoichi crashed then Takumi had beaten Ryosuke at racing. Takumi heard his girlfriend wasn't coming home until next week that night after he raced with Kyoichi. Next day Itsuki saw her with another man in a love hotel, Itsuki had told Takumi but he didn't believe it and caused a fight and never talked. Then the next day he saw her with another man dropped her off and was heartbroken Natsuki felt shamed for lying and had cheated, Takumi had ran and drove off Natsuki couldn't keep up and they never seen each other. Takumi had ringed Itsuki and said 'sorry' they made up. ...read more.


the next day his friend teases him like he has love sickness, Takumi's just standing there holding the broom closing his eyes and smiling. The harsh bit at the end was when Takumi had been heartbroken and when Takumi ran off without saying anything just staring at her when she got out the car. Natsuki felt ashamed for being with another guy and just left each other hurt. I would improve the story by not having harsh story and happy endings like instead of the Takumi just standing there he could have beaten the guy up and also not just standing in front of Natsuki looking at her he could have had done something if he really loved her. I would recommend the film to like teenagers because they would feel more emotional and would enjoy the film and also they could learn about when they having a relationship never cheat with the one you love or love most and how good it is spending time with one another would build up relationships. ...read more.

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