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Inner Eye.

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Inner Eye The cruel October winds whipped around George Daly's face, making his green eyes water. The weather was always harsh in Netherfield at this time of year. The dark and cloudy Monday sky made George feel more despondent than before. He knew that nothing else today would make him feel any better. He had double maths taught by Miss Noble, followed with Biology with Mr Smith. PE and English followed them and none of them were very popular with George. He walked up the school drive amid the throng of students and teachers. He opened the big glass doors of the school and walked in. Feeling more pessimistic than usual, George headed up the Maths corridor and towards his form room in the History department. His best friend, Izzy Beard was already waiting outside, nodding his head in time to his Walkman. George walked past Rainbow Zollner, his ex-girlfriend, who gave him a piercing stare. "Hey Izzy," said George, ignoring Rainbow, who was still glaring at him. "Hello," said Izzy, switching off his Walkman. "Good weekend?" "I suppose," mumbled George, shrugging. "You?" "I got onto level sixteen of 'Dungeon Master'!" smiled Izzy. "That final dungeon dweller is really hard to kill!" "I've been stuck on level eighteen for a month," said George. "Try to catch up!" ...read more.


After all, it was two forty-five in the morning. George fell back to sleep and forgot about the dream. George and Izzy were waiting outside their IT class that afternoon. George had completely forgotten about the dream. Their teacher, Mrs Olsen, came and let them in. "Today class, we will be using Microsoft Publisher," she said, in her high voice, "Please open it with a new blank document." The class were soon working on Publisher, making flyers. Near the end of the lesson, Izzy and George were busy adding the finishing touches to their flyers. "Oh nuts!" shouted Izzy. He would have said something much worse only the teacher was sitting two computers away from his. Everyone looked at him. "What's up?" asked Mrs Olsen, coming over. "The computer crashed," said Izzy. The look on his face gave George the impression that he wanted to smash the computer. George then suddenly thought of his dream. It scared him a bit. Izzy moved onto the same computer as George, who printed off two copies of his flyer. When they left, George was nearly bursting to tell Izzy. "I knew that computer would crash," he blurted out as soon as they left the school. "What?" asked Izzy, confused. "How could you have done?" "I dreamt it," sighed George, "and then it came true." ...read more.


You can survive." George didn't know which voice to obey. He felt that he probably could live through it but on the other hand, it was really annoying him now. That evening, he settled down and he had decided. He would stick it out to the bitter end, no matter what happened. He knew he couldn't kill himself. He didn't have the killer instinct. He could barely dissect a worm in Biology. George also decided it would be easier to tell some other people. The next morning, George told his parents, all his friends, his new form tutor, Miss Watson and a few other relations. It came as a huge surprise to everyone, as no one knew. After telling them, he suddenly felt lighter and happier. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, letting him stand tall again. Not once, for the years afterwards, did he predict a death. All he saw in his dreams were simple predictions, similar to how it all started. You're probably now thinking that he was again plagued with images of death and murder, but you'd be wrong. He will manage to live a successful life and receive great marks up to the end of his school life. In fact, I know that he will become a great asset to the police in the future, helping catch criminals. And how do I know? Well, it's just a feeling... By Michael J. Ritchie Michael Ritchie 10E - 1 - Inner Eye ...read more.

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