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Inner journey and Benigini's 'Life is Beautiful'

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Inner journey All of life is a journey. All Journeys have a beginning and an end. All the outcomes that are associated with journey are the results of the choices that we make in out daily lives, good or bad that have to be lives with. In the Macquarie dictionary journey is defined as: - The exploration into one's self. It offers growth & development through emotional pilgrimage and provides new insights for the mind and spirit. Throughout this essay I will be referring to our prescribed text 'Life is Beautiful' by Roberto Benigini, an image about reconciliation shaping our future titled, 'The roads we choose'. And a poem titled 'The Road not taken' by Robert Frost. Although the film 'Life is Beautiful' is not a film that I usually see, I much rather the films that are made in Hollywood. ...read more.


dose not have a choice he is forces to attend the concentration camp although it seems that he is not afraid, he is trying to keep a brave face for his son Joshua and trying to make this experience into a fun game. 'Life is Beautiful' revolves around four characters: - Guido, Dora, Joshua and Dr Lessing but it mainly revolves around Guido and his inner journey from an innocent, carefree existence to life. Guido character is established right from the beginning, by his cheeky face and his hand and body movement. Then later on in the film Guido is forced to go to war and to fight for his country. Guido is very resourceful and a great opportunist. He is always ready to take advantage of any situation and use it to the benefit his aims at that particular moment. ...read more.


the other is black and at either end of the picture there are two hand reach out for each other, each hand is aimed at one another this symbolises that the hands want to travel together on the path that they choose to take for any reason good or bad. Once you start to travel on one path it is difficult to turn back and change your direction of your future. As we can see from the two related text talked about earlier its is seen that there are two paths that can be chosen to be explore but in the film 'Life is Beautiful' Guido doesn't have a choice, Guido is forces to go to war, his forces to attend the concentration camp but nothing could be done to stop Guido and Joshua from going to war. I end in saying the inner journey involves the exploration of the self, their mind and spirit. ...read more.

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