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Innocence - creative writing.

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Innocence The time was almost one o'clock on a hot spring day in March 1948, and Ravi who was seventeen, and Kumar who was sixteen were walking down the streets of Mumbai in India. They saw an elderly man being harassed by some teenagers, the Patel boys, who were well known for having a reputation as a bully. Continuing their walk, Ravi and Kumar saw the elderly man get hit in the face and saw the assailants run off. They went to help the injured man. Minutes later the police arrived. They questioned the elderly man about who had done this to him. It emerged that he was a local resident of an old peoples by the name of Singh. More out of fear than shock he pointed to them accusingly. "These two hooligans", said Singh, as he spoke his hands were visibly trembling Despite the fact the man had obviously extremely poor eyesight, the police officers proceeded to herd Ravi and Kumar into awaiting police van to go to the police station. ...read more.


Ravi began a friendly conversation with a man sitting beside him called Ahsan; he talked about how he was also innocent, and about how he was mistakenly convicted of killing his wife, and how justice did not prevail for him. One hour later, the prisoners arrived at the prison. They were called out of the bus one by one, like dogs at the races being called out of their kennels. Ravi and Kumar came out and saw the prison, it was disintegrating, the walls were tarnished with the urine of prisoners, and the barbwire around the prison was electrified, it really did look like a house of horrors. As every one came out Ahsan slit one of the police officers throat, which made his blood squirt out, pouring out like a barrel of red wine. This killed the officer. Ahsan was set to be hanged the next day. The next day Ravi and Kumar were woken up at five O'clock in the morning; their instructions were to thoroughly scrub the floors in the hallway where their cell was. ...read more.


Ravi and Kumar had been getting prepared to sleep. The head prison officer went to their prison cell, carrying his lethal stick. He walked up to Ravi slowly and dramatically, and began to beet Ravi. Then he slowly took out his pistol loaded with one bullet, and then aimed it at Ravi and then, boom!!! Kumar became angry, got the prison officers stick with the blade at the end of it, and slit his throat. Mr Raja lay flat on his back with blood pouring out of his gash in his throat. Kumar stood there like a reflected general. What had he done? He never meant to do this. Into the background, he could hear police sirens. They were coming for him. As he was handcuffed, he saw a face in the crowd. It was dear Luxmi. She had tears in her eyes. As he was dragged into the police van, she stared at him. Her eyes said it all. How did he ever know about it? ...read more.

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