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Antoine LaCour ENGLISH LANGUAGE ESSAY 2nde4 Somewhere in Lancashire, on a cold and windy night of November, Mr. Hawes, a high school biology teacher in his 50s, was correcting his student's biology work. It was already late at night and he was only halfway done. He lived in a small half-timbered cottage alongside a narrow dirt road, in the middle of a vast area of fields an forest. He was sitting on a strong wooden chair in his kitchen and writing on the glossy, chequered table cloth. The only light came from a small overhead lamp. Mr. Hawes sat there, halfway collapsed on the table. He was listening to an old radio which was set on top of the refrigerator. It debated about human rights in the world. He had a very peculiar kitchen, posters of Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley covered the thick walls. The radio started buzzing. Pr. Hawes looked up, he knew the stereo was ancient but it had always worked perfectly for the 25 years he had it. He got up and looked out the wood framed window. Suddenly he was blinded by a beaming pure-white light coming from from the freezing night sky. He spun around in an attempt to protect his eyes and once he could see clearly again he squinted through the window. ...read more.


It can look like a knob with eyes and ears. A human being is changed remarkably by hairlessness : the appearance is hardened and the person looks insectile and dangerous. They had tattoos on their heads, small symbols and words, and tattoos on their earlobes and earrings. They were dressed identically in short leather bomber jackets, with a white T-shirt underneath. The backs of their heads were tattooed, The Union Jack was the commonest tattoo among them. They wore very tight dungarees that were a bit too short, the cuffs reaching the tops of vicious, high-laced boots. The boots were shiny; these boys were oddly clean, their faces were very white. The tallest of the four pressed a button on his cuff and, in a split second, Pr. Hawes was in front of them. They eyed him suspiciously so he shifted his gaze to his surroundings. A huge window giving out on to the exterior and a big screen near the window were the main objects in the room. Other then that there was nothing. For the first time in his life, Pr. Hawes could contemplate space in all its immensity. A million stars dotted the sky. Then he looked at the enormous screen. A hundred parameters were shown. ...read more.


* "We're counting on you, Mr. Hawes, to spread this message, you, and I, know you believe in it." At once the ship started plummeting down towards earth at an unimaginable speed and the lights went off. Finally, after a few seconds of descent, the ship screeched to a stop in the same deafening, clanging sound. Then the hatch slowly opened up and Hawes was able to scramble out of the tiny opening. After watching the spacecraft shooting up towards the stars, he slowly walked towards his house thinking about what the strangers had said. Deep inside him he knew they were right but he also was convinced that violence wasn't necessary to put an end to war. He also thought that since they came from outer-space, they had a very objective point of view on Earth's history and that for them "our" side wasn't any better then the Nazis! He open the old wooden back-door, slowly entered his kitchen and sat down. The brilliant sun was slowly rising over the horizon. He looked up and saw one of his favourite pictures : three children, one African, one Asian and one European, their arms linked in a circle and that told him that the solution was obvious, the human culture and gene-pool was going to blend and result in a single immensely rich culture; and that would be the end of war. 4 ...read more.

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