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Inside North Korea: the ultimate package tour by Carole Cadwalladr is a non-fiction text that shows what goes on inside the mysterious country that is North Korea.

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Non-Fiction Essay Inside North Korea: the ultimate package tour by Carole Cadwalladr is a non-fiction text that shows what goes on inside the mysterious country that is North Korea. The fact that the text is detailed non-fiction enhances my appreciation by helping me understand everything Cadwalladr is experiencing while inside North Korea and by not skimming over details that many writers usually would. The Imagery in the text paints a vivid picture of North Korea exceptionally well. "it feels like not unlike entering a fold in the space-time continuum" by saying this the writer is painting an image of an empty place where everything looks the same and no part is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts. "The city simply vanishes from view. ...read more.


"In this, it reminds me of Hello! magazine. I've always marvelled at how celebrities, given editorial control, choose to portray themselves." The writer says this refering to how North Korea Portrays itself how it would like to be portrayed rather than how it really is. Comparing North Korea to a celebrity is quite fitting because in many ways North Korea is very similar to a celebrity in the way of the media. The Media portrays North Korea the way it see's it and not necessarily how it really is, not unlike a celebrity, and it doesnt help that North Korea Portrays itself this way also instead of showing us that it is not infact as strange as it may seem. ...read more.


The narative voice is set in first person and is used in a mainly formal tone. "we're all as excited as puppies." From what the writer says here you can tell that she is very excited at this point in time and by comparing herself and the other passangers to puppies she is insinuating that theyre very jumpy and excited an cannot keep the excitment from bubbling over and showing on their faces. This text has helped enhance my appreciation by using descriptive words in a non-fiction text about North Korea. The text has also helped me imagine and feel what it would be like to visit the very infamous place. And I can also say that the writer summarizes the country quite right and has shown me "The strangest of all the very strange things about the strangest place on earth, North Korea." ...read more.

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