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Insides - creative writing

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Insides The realisation that he was being followed crept into the boy's consciousness slowly. It was not the first time it had happened, so it was surprising he had not become aware of it sooner. He knew the sounds to listen for: the occasional crack and crunch of sticks, dehydrated plant life being crushed underfoot; the muffled echo of his footsteps; the quiet whispering breath that was not his own. Mature trees flanked either side of the uneven road on which the boy was travelling, golden light illuminating the green foliage and casting mottled shadows on the ground below. The boy came to an abrupt stop and plucked a leaf. Holding it up to the sun, he pretended to admire the delicate skeleton embedded in its opaque flesh, whilst he strained his ears. He could hear only the gentle chorus of the trees moving in the wind. Suddenly he felt his feet being pulled from under him, the left side of his body slammed into the solid ground before he could break the fall with his hands. Dazed, he rolled onto his back and gazed at the passing clouds until three furious faces obstructed his view. A wave of panic surged through him: he recognized his attackers. A tall, pale boy with light hair and a cruel face towered over him like some monstrous giant. ...read more.


He looked like some absurd oversized road-kill. "Is he dead Rex?" the boy with the drawn face asked nervously. Rex swallowed nervously and scratched his throat. "There's no shame in killing a half-breed Lenny. We're on God's errand, boys. Ray, you check him." His tone was confident, but his face looked sickly. The boy with the empty eyes nudged Benjamin clumsily with his foot. "Yep, he's a gonner if I ever saw one." He said in his slow Southern drawl. Benjamin seized his chance. He grabbed a fist full of dirt and hurled it into the air. It caught Rex and Lenny in the face, making them bellow and curse as the sharp shrapnel scratched their eyes. Ray stood and watched stupidly as his companions stumbled around in a blind panic. Summoning all his will power, Benjamin painfully pulled himself upright, and then onto his feet. His head throbbed dangerously. The damaged sight of his left eye blurred everything into an Impressionist painting before fading into complete blackness. He hobbled down the road, a bizarre living corpse. Every movement, every breath was excruciating. He struggled down the path for ten minutes before he realised the boys were again on his tail. He could hear their feet pounding the dry earth. They no longer made any effort to remain concealed. Benjamin dragged himself into one of the fields than ran alongside the road, seeking refuge in the cover of the tall crops. ...read more.


His hair and clothing had become dishevelled and his eyes, red from the grit, were filled with a manic expression which made him look like a terrifying beast. Suddenly, he lunged at Benjamin, grabbing him by the braces. He pulled him close enough for him to feel Rex's spittle splatter his face. Benjamin frantically lashed out with his legs, struggling to break free of his assailant's iron grip. A look of surprise passed over Rex's face as he lost his footing and his grip on his prey. He quaked furiously as he hung over the edge of the cliff, his arms flailing wildly, a bizarre human windmill fighting to keep its balance. He clutched at Benjamin's bloodied shirt but his weight was too great. The boys were pulled into the chasm, tumbling through the cold air. Rex hit the ground first, his head colliding with the hard serrated rock below, and splitting open like a ripe melon. Its fleshy contents exploded out of his skull and splattered onto the surrounding stone. Benjamin's body cracked sickeningly as it crumpled under him. His blood-soaked shirt lay open, several of his sharply broken ribs erupting through his chest and sticking up grotesquely. The two boys lay side by side their fluids flowing into one bloody pool. As the last remnants of consciousness ebbed from his broken body, Benjamin looked down at his torso, and over at Rex's mangled remains. A strange smile passed over his face. "Mother was right," he thought, "Our insides are just the same." ...read more.

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