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Inspector Calls

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Stating Differences between Mr Birling & His Daughter An Inspector Calls is about a family that quite frankly keep secrets from one another and showing what emotions they have towards those secrets. I am going to differentiate between two characters Mr Birling & his daughter Sheila birling. These two characters even being related have utterly different personalities Sheila is seen to be timid and quite caring, whereas Mr Birling is seen to be as rude arrogant and thinking about him self at any cost. The play begins as Sheila and Gerald (her fianc�) have just been in engaged. During the beginning of the play we realise that social attitudes are clearly separated as Mr Birling shows us that he clearly is thinking about himself and his money, he does not realise that there are other people around him whereas Sheila tries to keep everyone happy and feels terribly guilty about the whole matter. Arthur also upstages Sheila on various parts in the play this shows us that the liability between men and women was also very weak and men are always seen as superior. ...read more.


The language here is used quite in a severe tone and we sense that the inspector is feeling slightly awkward as Mr Birling is one not letting his facts out and two as of the high status feels he knows everything. Completely the opposite of Mr Birling we have his daughter who once finding out the situation from the inspector is interested and slightly hurt by the fact that her father turned somebody out of a job due to wanting a raise in wages. The minute Sheila hears about the young girl she is immediately upset whereas Mr Birling still backs down from the fact that it was partly his fault. Sheila 'sorry! Its just I can't stop thinking about this girl - destroying herself so horribly - and I've been so happy tonight.' We also get a sense that when Sheila says this everyone in the room feels awkward and the inspector carries on making Sheila feel terrible and he suggests that one of the other family members may have played a part within the suicide attempt. ...read more.


truly nothing at all had happened , Sheila responds saying " I suppose we are all nice people now" she is clearly feeling guilty and un-happy about the course of actions which have passed throughout the night. From a great happy joyful event to a mixed up unfortunate mishap. Between these two characters the act three shows that not only does Birling think for himself, but he also wants everyone to act as if totally nothing had happened. His children stand up against him saying that they find everyone's attitudes towards the matter very disturbing, I would quite think so as this matter of Eva Smith is a horrible situation. All in all these two characters have shown great differences throughout the play from melancholy to anger to happiness (not in order). Priestly has cleverly separated the people that seem to have no care for their actions to the others which most definitely regret. Birling and Sheila are casted as such dissimilar characters that we may think that they are not even related. Prerna Kapoor 10 h ...read more.

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