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Inspector calls

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  1. The role of the Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls.'

    Some of the audience might also feel an affinity with Eva in that they may have also been treated in a similar manner. The Inspector pretends to share Birling's attitudes to class by saying 'like a lot of these young women who get into various kinds of trouble.'

  2. Inspector Calls

    As a member of the audience, from reading the play it has opened me up to the idea that our lives could all possibly be linked in everything we do, and how that can affect someone in many ways. It has also made me think about what I am about to do before I do it.

  1. An Inspector Calls Essay

    The audience is shown how troubled he already is, without even telling us his story. He does tell the truth straight away and feels most responsible for Eva Smith's death. The Inspector has finished questioning everyone, and hopes that everyone understands that they have done something wrong.

  2. An Inspecter Calls Coursework

    so we can presume she has been brought up from a 'posh', middle-class background. She is proud, but too proud; to an extent she becomes selfish. She denies a pregnant girl (Eva smith) money; simply because she used the name in her pleading (she called herself Mrs Birling).


    summer, this probably stimulates a great deal of interest in the audience, they what to know more about what really happened during last summer. There is a lot of dramatic irony in the play, J.B. Priestly uses dramatic irony to prove how wrong Mr Birling was when he made his

  2. an insperctor calls

    the desperate act of a woman who has no where else to turn, and so the only thing she felt she could do was to end her life. Previously in the play Arthur Birling sacked Eva from her job in his factory after she had asked for a pay rise,

  1. Inspector Calls

    He has mentioned their happiness briefly, but it is clear that his real priorities lie in furthering his own economic success and raising his social status. This will create dramatic interest as the audience's dislike of Birling grows as his true character is revealed; they realise his motives are purely selfish.

  2. Inspector Calls

    This shows us that the play starts with a description of the very thing it plans to undo. During the Edwardian period, society was split into two distinct halves. Either you were a rich industrialist like, Mr Birling, or a poor factory worker like Eva Smith.

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