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Inspector calls

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  1. The role of the Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls.'

    Some of the audience might also feel an affinity with Eva in that they may have also been treated in a similar manner. The Inspector pretends to share Birling's attitudes to class by saying 'like a lot of these young women who get into various kinds of trouble.'

  2. Inspector Calls

    'We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.' The inspector explains here that every action we make can affect someone's life in many ways and our paths will cross one day. "we" refers to the audience and actors so they are involved in what the inspector says as well.

  1. An Inspector Calls Essay

    Then it's Mrs. Birling's turn, and she is the Inspector's most difficult character to crack. He is very stern with her because he knows that if he is as compromising as he was with Sheila she won't tell the truth.


    ROBERT LANGDON No stop. It's Dan Brown! Stop! She pulls the car to a screeching halt. Robert gets out of the taxi as Dan runs toward him. ROBERT LANGDON Dan? DAN BROWN Quick Robert! Silas is coming! They hear a gunshot from behind them and both duck.

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    But she still helped contribute to Eva Smith's death, by getting her fired from her 2nd job. Eva gets a stroke of luck, as she was taken on at a high-class shop (Milwards).

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    He has to make sure of his social status and power as he quite obviously feels intimidated. He tells the Inspector, 'I was Lord Mayor... I know the Brumley police officers pretty well.' Dramatic interest is created at this point as we are given the impression that he may use


    There are a lot of subtle hints that not all that is going on in the opening scene is realistic and that some things are forced. For instance, the audience might be wondering whether the happy atmosphere during the engagement celebratory is slightly artificial, this is because if Gerald's parents (Lord and Lady Croft)

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    The charity at first believed Eva had a husband in the army who unfortunately had to leave and agreed to help Eva until she used a false name. This was the last time Eva was rejected help and the last bad thing to have happened to her before she committed

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