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Inspector calls

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  1. An Inspector Calls Essay

    The atmosphere becomes more relaxed when Gerald explains that there is no Inspector Goole. Gerald and Mrs. Birling clearly state their views "triumphantly", that they think that this may have been a hoax. Gerald then phones the infirmary to see if a dead body has been brought in, that committed suicide.

  2. An Inspecter Calls Coursework

    Sheila is sort of a role model in the play. Whilst Mr & Mrs Birling brush aside the responsibility at the end of the play & don't learn their lesson, Sheila does learn something. She is perhaps the most effected by the events.

  1. The role of the Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls.'

    There is a suggestion that Gerald had an affair because Sheila says to him 'all last summer.... you never came near me'. There is also a hint at Eric's drinking problem, because even at dinner Sheila notices that he is 'squiffy.'

  2. Inspector Calls

    of Eva smith as none of them can question the inspector on a difference in what they remember the girl to be. It also keeps the inspector in control. The inspector is clever is such ways as he is able to make the family confess to what he already seems to know.


    were happy with the celebration going on, then why weren't they at the table with the Birling family. This might propose to the audience that there had been a recent encounter between the Birling family and the Croft family. There is also tension when Sheila wonders where Gerald was last

  2. an insperctor calls

    the desperate act of a woman who has no where else to turn, and so the only thing she felt she could do was to end her life. Previously in the play Arthur Birling sacked Eva from her job in his factory after she had asked for a pay rise,

  1. Inspector Calls

    He has mentioned their happiness briefly, but it is clear that his real priorities lie in furthering his own economic success and raising his social status. This will create dramatic interest as the audience's dislike of Birling grows as his true character is revealed; they realise his motives are purely selfish.

  2. Inspector Calls

    This shows us that the play starts with a description of the very thing it plans to undo. During the Edwardian period, society was split into two distinct halves. Either you were a rich industrialist like, Mr Birling, or a poor factory worker like Eva Smith.

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