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Inspector calls

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  1. The role of the Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls.'

    than her father as she points out that 'these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people.' When she says 'So I'm really responsible?' she shows that she can admit when she is wrong. The Inspector probably thinks more highly of her than Arthur because of this, but he still speaks 'sternly' to her as he does to the other characters.

  2. An Inspecter Calls Coursework

    to establish setting & continues with the stage directions throughout the play, which indicates to the reader what the actor should be feeling. During Sheila's & Gerald's conversation on page 5, there are a lot of quite strict stage directions such as (smiling), (trying to be light & easy)

  1. Inspector Calls

    His decision had a huge impact on Eva Smiths life, and it really shot her down. The message Priestley puts across here is that capitalism can be wreck less and ruin peoples' lives.


    for each other to put out a message to the audience about how we are all responsible for each other's actions. Not is not only aimed at the family but it is also aimed at the audience. J.B. Priestly is using the inspector to express his own views and opinions out to the audience.

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    Arthur started the chain of sorry events leading up to her suicide. He sacked Eva from the job he gave her after she asked for a pay rise which lead to arguments because if Arthur paid her more he would have had to of paid all other employees more.

  2. Inspector Calls

    For people like the Birlings, it was an era in which they had total power and control over the working class. There were many people in the working classes who had severe financal difficulties and in fact, many would have found it difficult just to survive.

  1. Inspector Calls

    He has mentioned their happiness briefly, but it is clear that his real priorities lie in furthering his own economic success and raising his social status. This will create dramatic interest as the audience's dislike of Birling grows as his true character is revealed; they realise his motives are purely selfish.

  2. An Inspector Calls Essay

    The whole play takes place in one room. Act One starts when everyone is at the dinner table and they are celebrating Sheila and Gerald's engagement. They are all dressed up for the dinner and are all very happy. The lighting is soft and romantic.

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