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Inspector calls

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Imagine that you are directing the play an inspector calls and have to explain to the actress who is playing Sheila how you think her part should be played. Write the directions you give her. Dear Elizabeth Andrews Congratulations on receiving the role of being Sheila Birling in the play, "An Inspector Calls". The play was written by a man called J.B. Priestley, moreover it is known that J.B. Priestley wrote this play in 1914 however it was published and brought out to the world in 1945. The play is set in an industrial town called Brumley and the whole scene of the play is set in the rich family of the Birling's. The Birling's are seen to have a high status in society and are most likely to be industrial as they believe in a system of making there own investment and industry with little governmental control. The play also depicts the freedom of women, as this play was written during the Second World War; it portrays the work of women in industry as men had to fight the war. Therefore this time women took responsibility, so they proved that women are equal to men, as they can do the same as men. The whole plot of the play is an inspector from the future comes to teach the Birling family and Mr. Croft how to live life and how there attitude should be towards others. ...read more.


Sheila's concern for Eva Smith rises." Girls aren't cheap labour- they're people". (Act 1 page 19). We can see that Sheila is becoming more mature as she is now realizing women's positions in society. J.B Priestley raises awareness of women's equal rights but he does this in a very clever manner as he tries to send his point across by using Sheila. When the inspector accuses Sheila she does not react. "So I'm really responsible". (Act 1 page 23). Sheila does not react the way her father would when she is accused to be one of the causes for Eva's death. This tells the audience that Sheila has now become more mature and has become responsible for actions; the audience may also feel that Sheila is very brave as she is one of the first ones in her family to actually confess her connection or relationship for Eva Smith. In act 2 Sheila is very upset and angry with Gerald, she takes of her most possessed thing, and her engagement ring as Gerald has no concern or consideration for what he did to daisy Renton or Eva Smith and how he has broken Sheila's trust. The actress should not be depressed whilst Gerald confesses as Sheila would now feel happier as Gerald does speak the truth and did not avoid it instead. ...read more.


She couldn't keep the truth from the inspector because he seems to know it already. Throughout the last few lines when Sheila understands the supernatural she thinks the inspector was quite good and she likes him. This is probably due to the fact of how the inspector has opened her and her brother's eyes and how they have been taught that money and status is not everything as there are more important things such as love, rights, honesty and most of all trust. At the end of the book in Act 3 the actress who is playing Sheila should be delightful happy and persuasive due to what the inspector has done for her as she should also be pleased for her brother as he was the only other person that changed throughout the family. The actress must remember to be alert whilst the inspectors around, to be happy and overwhelmed by the engagement ring and to be argumentative towards her parents whilst she is sticking up for her brother. The costume she may wear is something that is no expensive and something that other women would wear of a lower class as she now see's them equal to her. She may wear a corset with a long skirt maybe something tied around her head and she would probably have to look very simple elegant but sophisticated. Thank you for reading this letter. I look forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely Sara Patel ?? ?? ?? ?? Zainab Mirza An inspector calls assignment Ms Slack 1 10/9/2008 ...read more.

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