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inspector calls

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"An inspector calls" was written by JB Priestley in 1945 was the last year of the 2nd world war when JB Priestley discovered the lower and upper class showed their tremendous communal compassion for each other and help one another, ignoring their past differences. JB Priestley had a strong view on this and thought to him self, let's keep this, caring attitude towards one another and not to go back to the stuck-up meanness and split we had before. He set the play "An Inspector Calls" in 1912 because he wanted to remind people of what it was like before and they shouldn't go back to this. He used the play as a message, which turned out to be a play that showed many different ones, but the on message that stuck in our head was helping to keep the peace and friendship between everyone no matter what class. ...read more.


As they all sit up at the dining table Mr Birling continues his judgement of the welfare of others as Priestley starts to describe the inspector upon his entrance. He is not big but average but he "creates on an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness". The inspector has an oldish complexion of someone in their fifties, dressing in a plain darkish suit of the period. He speaks with a careful tone, weightily and has "disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before actually saying a word". He definitely wants the people to know he's deadly serious and it's all going to be done his way. Priestley created an inspector like this to show a cunning unique person who got you thinking already on his appearance who could this person actually is? The inspector Goole is investigating the suicide of Eva also known as Daisy who mysteriously had an involvement with every one within the Birling family. ...read more.


Broken hearted Eva came across Eric Birling, Mr Birling son. Who was very drunk at that moment in time and forced sexual intercourse with her a bit more than she wanted which continued for a while until she found out she was pregnant with his baby. With her unborn baby she went to a charity for help where she used the name Mr Birling and was refused it by Mrs Birling. The case of Eva was a suicide involving this family but why was the inspector investigating it, it was very usual. He wasn't out to investigate a crime but to inspect moral issues to bring guilt to every one of these people. He approached every person in the family with his own orderly approach it was all mapped put from who he would start and finish with it had to be done the correct way. This was highly different the Birling family could realise something was strange because they rang the police to see if there was an inspector Goole in there department. ...read more.

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