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Inspector Calls

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J.B Priestly wrote "An Inspector Calls" to show that in an ideal world people should be treated in an equal manner, whether they are rich or poor. He is absolutely disgusted by how people who have a high status and a significant amount of money, do to help the community and people less fortunate. He also dislike how rich people crave to go up a social status , to show people how important they are in society but in reality they are stuck up snobs who don't care at all for society. J.B Priestly used the inspector to reveal to all the characters the part they played in the death of Eva Smith. He is supposedly making the characters learn from their mistakes, and to show them what they really are. He might also expect them to change or develop their attitude towards others. The Birling family and Gerald Croft accept the responsibility of Eva's death in various ways; Mr. Birling and Mrs Birling even reject the idea although there is a clear hand that they played in the death of Eva Smith. ...read more.


Mrs Bilrling is the most responsible for Eva's death out of all the characters. "As the most prominent member of the committee" she influenced others to "refuse help to the girl". She ended the last hope Eva had and struck the final blow that would later end Eva's life. She completely rejects the truth that she was involved in the death of Eva Smith and even boasts about how she kept the inspector at bay. "He certainly didn't make me confess". This reveals she is more worried about the news getting out and her reputation destroyed rather then the person who she helped to kill. She also does not learn anything from her ordeal just like Mr. Birling her husband. Gerald on the other hand seems to be let of lightly by the inspector because even though he took advantage of Eva he still took care of her and loved her even though she was of a lower class. He also felt "sorry for her". This shows he didn't help Eva to "make love to her", but due to her awful situation he helped her. ...read more.


He put her in a position so that she can't work or apply to get money from Mrs. Birling's charity organization. This is shown when Eric quotes "she thought she was going to have a baby" and Mrs. Birling who wouldn't give Eva any money quoted "I blame the young man who was the father of the child". This shows Eric used Eva for fun and ruined her chance to start a new life. Eric completely acknowledges what he did was wrong and accepts full responsibility that he "helped kill her". This shows that Eric accepts his wrong doing and is willing to change his behavior in the future towards females. Throughout this play Sheila and Eric seem to have learnt the most from their visit by the inspector this shows J.B Priestly suggests that the younger generations seem to learn more and accept responsibility. This also implies that in the future younger generations will realize their wrong doings and change; also they would find it easier to accept responsibility. Priestly also hints that older generations find it difficult to learn social responsibility as they think they are superior and always right. ...read more.

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