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Inspector calls

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Comment on the effect the Inspector's visit has upon one of The main characters in 'An Inspector Calls' what method does Priestley use to highlight this effect? What was his aim? J.B. Priestley wrote an Inspector Calls in 1945 although the play was set in 1912. Setting it in 1912 meant he was able to use a lot of dramatic irony. Priestly believed in responsibility for others and ourselves. Priestly was a patriotic socialist and he was convinced of the need for social change to benefit the poor. An Inspector Calls is based on 'the Birlings' and the characters are Arthur Birling, his wife Sybil, his daughter Sheila and his son Eric. There's also Gerald who is engaged to Sheila. An Inspector Calls is a story about a girl called Eva Smith who died from swallowing disinfectant in the Infirmary that Mr Birling owns. The Birling's and Gerald are all involved with why she committed suicide. An inspector comes to ask questions into how they all knew her and what they did. They all denied knowing her to start with but in the end he's got the story to what happened and they all played a part in her life. ...read more.


Sheila Birling is Mr and Mrs Birling's daughter. Sheila was very excitable and acted young but this was most likely because back in 1912 young middle class girls had no job and no responsibilities so therefore they were carefree and had no worries. She is also very na�ve and innocent. Sheila before the inspector came was very happy, especially with her engagement to Gerald, when Gerald gave her the ring she was really delighted and thought it was beautiful. Sheila was especially inquisitive towards the inspector; she refused to leave for the reason that she wants to know what's happening. Sheila knows that something is happening to do with each and every one of the family and she wants to no what. Sheila was caring because when the inspector told them about Eva Smith she wanted to know what caused her death and when she knew, she got upset and excepted what she did and that it was wrong, whereas all the rest of the family spent their time trying to defend themselves, deny and make excuses for what they did. She's very sensitive, she listens to what the inspector is saying and doesn't have a go at him and doesn't make it seem she is better than him and higher class like all the others do. ...read more.


She had grown up a lot and became independent. She stood up for herself and argued against her parents about what she thought was right and wrong. When they found out that a girl hadn't died in the infirmary they were happy but Sheila still believed that they had all done something wrong. 'Everything we said had happened really had happened. If it didn't end tragically, then that's lucky for us. But it might have done.' Sheila said this when they started to act all happy because they thought nothing was wrong, whereas Sheila had learnt her lesson and knew that even if it didn't end tragically it was still wrong what they did and she wanted them to realise that. 'I tell you- whoever that inspector was, it was anything but a joke. You knew it then. You began to learn something. And now you've stopped. You're ready to go on in the same old way.' She didn't want them to forget what they did; she wanted them to learn there lesson even though a girl hadn't died. She also wanted them to realise that just looking out for yourself can affect and hurt others and that it can end awfully. Sheila learnt her lesson and she wasn't going to forget what happened. Priestley's message was that you should care for others was that higher class people ...read more.

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