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Inspector Calls

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Compare and contrast Sheila and Eric with Mr and Mrs Birling. Who Learns more from Inspector Goole's visit and why? "An Inspector calls" is a play written by J.B Priestley after world war two; Priestly is a socialist who thinks the world has to change because of his hardworking-underpaid days. The play is set out during 1912. The play focuses on a high-class family who are questioned by a mysterious Inspector. One by one each of the family are questioned about the suicide of a lower class girl. Priestly believes that everyone should live as a community and morally, but not all the characters learn this. The head of the Birling household is an arrogant, self-employed selfish capitalist. At the beginning of the play, Mr Birling is described "hard-headed business man", this shows his character being really arrogant and it shows all he cares about is money and it shows all he cares about is money. Mr Birling makes bizarre speeches about the Titanic and the war. ...read more.


At the beginning of the play Mrs Birling is a snob and acts like a typical upper class women. Mrs Birling and Mr Birling have similar views about lower class people. Mrs Birling was involved in Eva Smiths death by refusing to help Eva Smith when she needed money and had no where to go. "Girls of that class", this shows Mrs Birling thinks that Eva Smith isn't really important because they is below her all that matters is the people in her class. Mrs Birling also tries to defend herself, "And if I was, what business is it of yours?" This suggests Mr Birling doesn't want to get involved and also doesn't want her reputation to become appalling, which is like Mr Birling. "I don't think we have to discuss this" is another Mrs Birling tries to change the subject because she still doesn't want to take the blame of Eva's death which shows her snobby way. When the play begins, Eric, who is the son of Mr Birling, seems embarrassed and awkward. ...read more.


are to stubborn to change their views and they are try to forget all about the matter and want to continue celebrating the engagement which suggest the selfishness in Mr and Mrs Birling. Inspector calls was written in 1940 and Priestly set it in 1912. It was written in 1940 as it was a time for hope and opportunity and people were recovering from danger and uncertainty. Priestly set it in 1912 because it was two years before the war and everyone was very optimistic at this time and they thought war would not happen and the titanic wouldn't sink. J.B Priestley wrote the play to make people believe in socialism because he wanted people to live as a community and wanted to get rid of the class system because people were being treated unfairly and wrong. It presents clear messages like respect each other and put people in front of money and people should be treated equally, fairly and morally. He also wanted people to vote labour because they would help lower class people and they wanted people to live as a community. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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