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Inspector Calls

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An Inspector calls In this piece of coursework I will be going to talk about how J.B. priestly uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience. One of which is dramatic irony. The play Inspector calls was set in the Birlings house. The Inspector visits the Birlings to tell them the death of Eva Smith, then making the Birling household feel responsible for the death of Eva. From then on Shelia's and Gerald's engagement celebration is then put on a standstill. From the outset the play appears to be a murder mystery and the audience too are expecting for this to be so. As the play progresses the audience are given rubbish for information which is then pieced together to form a final image of Eva Smith, as she is being a sort of hidden and unheard character of whom the play is set around. ...read more.


To keep the reader's attention, J.B Priestly employs a similar method as before, waiting in time in which the audience find out more information about the 'mystery'. As the story unfolds so too do the confessions of each character. As the characters reveal their tales, the inspector's comments are not very keen accepted by the family. Whilst the characters are being interviewed, the detective sits back. Whilst he is doing this he shows an incredible amount of patients as he waits for each story from every person to finish then argues why they are wrong and his powers to notice each person and make them feel a sign of guilt. The interview between the three characters Birling, Eric and Gerald, is pleased due to the fact that Gerald is getting married to Shelia. ...read more.


Mr Birling is knocked for six and so are the audience, this shows Priestly left the biggest blow till last. J.B Priestly uses a cliff hanger to end the play the 'Inspector calls', Priestly does this so he can explain what is going on which is a murder mystery and leaves the audience pondering the question, what will happen next? He shows the reader how the Birlings are wealthy and that they are part of a separated society, social class and standings which are of great importance. In conclusion to this play I feel that the inspector is a relative or a friend of Eva. The underlying message within the play is that you should not be arrogant because you may find it has big cost. The inspector's purpose is to make each person to feel as if they are to blame for the death of Eva. ?? ?? ?? ?? HARTEJ HAYER 11Rco ...read more.

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