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Inspector Calls -Coursework

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25th August 2005 Inspector Calls -Coursework "An inspector calls" is considered a mystery play and is intended to force the audience to think about themselves and the society in which they live. However, it is written in an entertaining way. The play is set in 1912. This is two years before the First World War. The play was written in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. Priestly wanted society to learn from its mistakes. In 1912 there had been rigid class divisions, women were considered inferior and working conditions for the poor were often unbearable. At the end of the First World War, life did not improve much. Priestly was concerned that people should learn from the mistakes of the First World War. He felt that people should learn to look after one another. ...read more.


Mr Birling likes to be in control. He likes to think he is the dominant force of the family. Maybe sometimes he is a bit too controlling. Sometimes he can be very bossy: "Give us the port Edna". Often he acts like a snob. He thinks that men are superior to women and thinks he and his family are upper class. He treats women like he cannot trust them. Respect is something that he lacks to lower class people. The characters behave to him differently. His wife and children respect him and do not stand up to him: "just let me finish Eric!" The inspector does not treat him the same at all. Just because he is upper class the inspector speaks to him a normal person. This gives me the impression that the inspector feels that everyone should be treated the same so he wants justice for Eva Smiths death: "why?" ...read more.


Then the doorbell rings and he is in double trouble because of the murder. This contradicts what he has just said to the men: "Ive earnt in the good hard school of experience that a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own and"-. The mood of the play all the way through is very tense. This is because no-one knows what the others have done. In the room the mood is quite sombre because everyone feels they have been lied to. At the end of act one the audience feel intrigued because they want to know what Birling and his family have done. The audience change their opinion at the end of act one because Birling was doing what was right. Eva Smith also did things she shouldn't have. The Birling family realise that their family is not as perfect as they thought. The family also learnt that it doesn't matter how much money you have got because everyone is equal. ...read more.

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