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Inspector Calls Coursework

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Inspector Calls Coursework Summary of the Play: The play is set in the 1900's and is based around a rich upper class family. The Birlings and Gerald Croft are celebrating the engagement between Sheila Birling and Gerald. They are all very smug and pleased with themselves showing they are pleases with their lives. Mr. Birling owns a fairly successful company and hopes this marriage will link Gerald's, fathers, rival company with his own. He also makes some speeches on the lower classes and what he believes on how a man should live to his son Eric and Gerald. These speeches are key parts in the play and affect much of the morals that this play tries to teach. ...read more.


Advice on Eric: As Eric, you are quite snobbish yet understanding of others. You can show his personality in different ways throughout the play. In the first act you should make him appear smug and fairly proud of himself yet try to leave a mysterious side to him to make him appear that the audience doesn't know everything about him. He is also very disobedient as he kept disagreeing with his father, possibly to annoy him. You might want to show this when acting as him. You may also want to leave clues on your drinking habits by helping yourself to alcohol. In the third act, you see a different side of Eric. He is more understanding about the feelings of others and has the ability to learn unlike his parents. ...read more.


This could be seen as dramatic as after all that's happened he hasn't changed in his personality or shown any signs of guilt at all. Sheila and Eric however have accepted blame for the death of Eva and when they hear this remark from Mr Birling they accuse him of going back to how he was before the incident which was an anti-socialist. Mrs Birling is still the same and has retained her stuck up, non-caring attitude throughout the play. The last few pages reveal something that might change the way you think about the play and how you'd interpret it if you re-read it. "...that there was something curious about him. He never seemed like an ordinary police inspector-" The characters are getting the sense that something isn't right and that the inspector might not have been an inspector at all. ...read more.

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