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Inspector Calls Coursework

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What is the function of the inspector in 'An Inspector Calls' By Jade Prest In this assignment I will explore the character Inspector Goole in 'An Inspector Calls'. The Inspector is obviously a pivotal character to the play, I can tell this as his name is in the title. He helps the plot to express itself in just the right way, as he almost turns us into nosey neighbours peeking out of the curtains, the way we want to know about the Birlings. The Inspector's presence provides a contrast in the Birlings behaviour, before he arrived they were comfortable, satisfied and secure, however when the Inspector is present they are serious and tense waiting to know why the inspector is there. They are dressed up as something they are not whereas after the inspector has shed light they are seen for what they really are. Before there is pink light suggesting that they are looking at the world through rose tinted glasses, whereas after the lighting is harsher. When the Inspector is there he gives them a false sense of security and makes the atmosphere tenser, he also sobers the situation. ...read more.


I think that because he uses aspects of what a real inspector would and wouldn't do, it is the reason why the Birling's don't figure this out until after the inspector has left. In this section I will show how the author and the Inspector mould the audiences' reaction of the characters. I will also go through each of the characters and explain how the inspector treats them and what effect this has on the story. The inspector is very dismissive of Mr. Birling, he cuts him off and gives him a real dressing down an example of this is when the inspector has just arrived and Mr. Birling is trying to find out why he is there, 'Well what can I do for you? Some trouble with a warrant? No, Mr. Birling. Well, what is it then (He says with a touch of impatience)', now as Mr. Birling has the status he has this was considered extremely rude. The Inspector is very sharp and aggressive towards Mr. Birling as he loses all patience with him, as I'm sure we all would. ...read more.


In this section I will explain how the Inspector is extraordinary. First of all, the Inspector's entrance it was like he arrived at the right time, to tell them what he was going to. He also knows that Eric left as well as just before he is going to come back; it's like he has a sixth sense which proves my point of him being different. The Inspectors final speech has biblical echoes in his meanings, 'Fire, blood and anguish', he could be referring to world war one when he mentions this. His name is Inspector Goole, it is pronounced ghoul which is a ghost. By the end of the play we and the Birling's realise that the inspector wasn't real, in my opinion the more simple minded members of this group do not grasp the inspectors meaning. 'One Eva Smith is gone, but there are millions more Eva smiths and john smiths out there.', whereas Sheila and Eric realise the meaning of the inspector's words and presence, they realise their faults and are remorseful, unlike other members of the family, which I think is why Eva Smith actually does die. ...read more.

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