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Inspector Calls English Coursework - 'We are all members of the one body'. Show how Priestley conveys this message to the audience

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Inspector Calls English Coursework - 'We are all members of the one body'. Show how Priestley conveys this message to the audience 27/05/2006 An Inspector Calls is a play that is written by J.B Priestly. J.B Priestly was born in 1894, therefore he lived through the first world war. When the First World War first broke out he signed up for the army. He was send to France to fight in the Battle of Loos where he picked up an injury and was sent back home to England. He stayed back in England for six months while he recovered. After he had fully recovered he went back to the army where he suffered from a gas attack from the opposition, he survived the attack and was treated but he was seen as being unfit to keep fighting in the war and so was changed to help in the entertainment section of the British army. I would say that this would have encouraged him to perform entertainment for a living, hence doing things such as writing plays. When Priestly left the war he went to a university in Cambridge. ...read more.


Birling hasn't changed for his businessman ways of only thinking about himself and his profits Sheila is Mr. Birling's daughter, she also played a part in the death of Eva because after Eva had been fired from Mr. Birling's factory she managed to get a job in a dress shop, Millwards. Sheila was a frequent customer to this shop and so 'her wish was their command'. One day Sheila was trying on a dress in the shop when she saw Eva smiling. Sheila thought that Eva was laughing at her in the dress and so made a complaint to the shop. The shop was left with no other option but to fire Eva even though she had done nothing wrong. "I behaved badly too. I know I did. I'm ashamed of it" states how responsible Sheila feels for Eva's death Mrs. Birling was also responsible for Eva's death because she ran a help committee but she refused to give Eva any emotional or financial help simply because she didn't like her. It would have been very awkward if she had given help because her husband sacked her and her daughter was the cause of her being sacked. ...read more.


Although some of there crimes may have been more significant than others there is still one similarity that is the same for all of the family. That Similarity is that they all confessed once they had to. At the beginning when the Inspector asked the family if anyone knew Eva, nobody confessed anything. This results in breaking up an engagement. This shows us, the audience, how we take for granted what we know, and we take for granted who tell things to and who we hide things from. This is all related to the big theme that I explain earlier, the theme of responsibility which is a large part of this play. This plays shows us that we don't take responsibility for each other, we are only willing to look after ourselves. In conclusion Priestly conveys the message of "We are all members of one body" well, but he conveys it in such a way that shows the audience that although we all are members of the one body but we don't work together as one body. So in other words the body is quiet disjointed and to become a fluent body we need to be open to each other so that the arms can work with the legs instead of against them. ...read more.

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