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Inspector Calls- How Effect are the last moments of inspector calls

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    the 1945 audience read or watch the play, they can almost compare the old generation to the new and recognise the different attitudes. It is evident that Mr Birling is a man of money and it seems that he is only driven by money and success.

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    there own opinion on each character based on what each character acts like behind there veil of intimate light We see that Birling is in control of the household as he orders everyone to do things and gives and also a speech.


    This shows us just how self-centred and shallow he is, as he only thinks about what is important to him, and not for the welfare of anybody else. He thinks if everybody does what they want for themselves then the world would be the best possible place and everybody would get what they deserve, this is obviously just plain selfishness.

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    They are around the dining table and the maid Edna is clearing the table which has on it champagne glasses, dessert plates etc, then she places a cigar box atop it. The occasion that night was to celebrate the engagement of Arthur Birling's daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft.

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