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Inspector Calls literature essay

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Inspector Calls literature essay The play, 'An Inspector calls' 1912-1945. It was originally written in 1945. It was set in the year 1912. The play was written by J.B Priestley. The playscript is based on the political, social and economic society around 1912. The play introduces a family who are having a engagement party but are interrupted by a police inspector. ...read more.


This links with every individual in the family. He summarizes of a suicide of a young girl who had knew the individuals of the family. Emotions build throughout the play. After the inspector has left. Discussions are made if the inspector was really a inspector or a hoax. ...read more.


There are no-one criminals as no one is suspected although everyone is guilty throughout the play. The three classical unities are set in time, action and place. The first unity is time as it is set around 1912 and the action is placed of the plot of around the evening. The place that it is set is the house of the Birlings in the dinning room. Shabrina Ali 10D 10/05/2007 English Cwk 1 ...read more.

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