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Inspector calls responsibilty

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RESPONSIBILITY (An Inspector Calls) Inspector calls is a play written by JB Priestley in 1945. An Inspector calls discusses issues of class, morality and responsibility. Priestly preaches his social views with in the play and reflects this in the character of the Inspector he believes that we should all care for one another as we are "all members of one body". Furthermore the play follows a middle class family and discusses there respectability and questions whether respectability is directly proportional to morality. All characters are interrogated and it appears all have performed actions that have resulted in Eva Smith or Daisy Renton's death . The key point that Priestly is trying to demonstrate is not the actions that they have done but there response and how far they feel remorse for their wrong doings. Dramatic and chronological irony is featured in the novel as the play is set in 1912 but written in 1945 hence allowing the audience to look retrospectively and judge the characters accordingly .In this essay I will be discussing the Birling family and indeed Gerald Crofts ability to take responsibility and respond with a sense of guilt . ...read more.


In response to the question whether or not he stole the money he repeatedly says "no not really" and " I intended to pay it back" . Furthermore when he hears that Daisy applied to his mothers charity and was infact denied he passionately says to his mother "you killed her" .This momentary shift of blame proves that Eric in the way of taking responsibility has steps to take although in some respects he does the moral and just coarse of action. Gerald is some what untrustworthy and Priestley intends for Gerald to be an undecided character . Gerald takes responsibility for his role in Eva's death but on the other hand it is him who finds out the inspector is fake .Gerald says in response to questioning about Eva that "he did not install her their to make love to her" and that he was "sorry for he" .From this we can see that Gerald is somewhat defensive over his actions initially avoiding responsibility. ...read more.


Like her husband she is in a position being chairwomen of the charity that daisy appeals too it is again ironically as she should be compassionate but contradictory to this she used her "influence" to deny Daisy help and readily admits to this . We are told she speaks "triumphantly" when she finds the inspector to be a fake .It is therefore evident that older generation in the play is not ready to change and some may stay that they are stuck in their ways, on the other hand the younger generation seems more versatile and therefore there is hope for the future. In conclusion there is a varied response to responsibility. Some characters believe it is their duty and other characters believe that "if we were all responsible for anyone we ever had anything to do with it would be very awkward". However Priestley's voice contradicts this a preaches a socialist view that we are all responsible for each other and has to be this way for the world to function as no man is an island . ...read more.

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