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Inspector Goole

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o 1st September 1946 Mr.E Smith New Theatre Shaftsbury LONON WCI Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for letting me see the rehearsal of my play "An Inspector Calls" If you would allow me I would like to offer some advice on how you could stage the key scenes between Mr. Birling and Inspector Goole in ACT 2. As you are aware the play is set in a fairly large Suburban House belonging to a prosperous manufacturer that goes by the name of Arthur Birling. They (the characters) are in the living room of the Birlings house in Brumley an industrial city in the North Midlands. It is an evening in spring 1912 and the main characters of Arthur, Sybil, Eric, Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft are all celebrating Sheila's engagement to Gerald Croft an aristocrat and are socially superior to the Birlings. In the dining room there is laughter, teasing comments and moving speeches however, suddenly the joyful atmosphere is torn apart by the dramatic intrusion of a harsh figure. ...read more.


She likes to think that she know what is going on, and the fact that she is "a prominent member of the Brumley Woman's clarity Organisation" shows how she like to feel important and feed on her ego. Some of the characters in this scene are probably seen at their most vunerable. Sheila Birling quickly realises the 'trap' the Inspector is leading her mother into with his line of questioning to the audience. Sheila has changed since the beginning of the play and now can be seen as genuinely remorseful and does not seem to have learnt a lesson. Sheila is honest She realises the effect that her actions have had on somebody else; she sees the error of her ways and tries to accept responsibility for what she did. Mr. Birling is a public figure in Brumley and obsessed with status in community. When his good name is threatened he's terrified and says that he would give thousands to avoid a public scandal. Arthur Birling is arrogant and selfish throughout the whole play. ...read more.


I have strong views on the way each character should look. For instance Sheila should be wearing white to symbolize her purity and virginity. This is because of her personality which at the beginning of the play is seen as she's snobbish, egoistic and self-confident but as the play progresses nice, honest and responsible she likes to change herself and feels remorse. J.B. Priestly wrote "An Inspector Calls" during one week in 1945. He was a Yorkshire man who lived from 1894 to 1984. The play seems to be about the key conflicts taking place in the English society in 1945. He expresses many of the playwright's views about the class system, politics and responsibility et cetera. J.B. Priestly seems to express all this views through the inspector. I believe the characteristics Priestly used for the Inspector, which include aggressive, a moral tone and a use of emotive languages kept the play mysterious all the way through. For example; The Inspectors "Calling" is quit ominous. Because "Calls" is a misleading word to use about the Inspector. The way he operates may appear casual and spontaneous, but in fact it's single-minded and manipulative. ...read more.

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