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Inspector Goole shows Mr. Birling that Eva Smith's suicide is the outcome of people not looking after each other in one big community. He does this by presenting to each member of the Birling family

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An Inspector calls essay The play "an inspector calls" was written by J.B.Priestly in 1945. The play is set in 1912 two years before the first world war, it is about a family known as the Birlings who are a well respected middle class family of their time. At the beginning of the play, the Birlings and Gerald croft are having a celebration in the Birlings household in the dining room. They are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling of Birling company and Gerald Croft of Crofts limited. Everyone at the Birling household is enjoying themselves but then the celebrations are interrupted by a phony police officer who went by the name of "Inspector Goole". He went on to tell the other characters that a woman had committed suicide and to how they all are linked to her death. The inspector tries to make the characters feel responsible for her death by showing how they negatively affected her life. ...read more.


The inspector shows Mr. Birling that this was the first step towards Eva Smith's downfall but Mr. Birling doesn't feel in anyway responsible for her suicide as he fired her almost 2 years ago. "It happened more than eighteen months ago-nearly two years ago" Mr. Birling makes some comments which are ironic in the light of what happens next in society, remember that the play is set in 1912 two years before the world war. Eric asks Mr. Birling (his father) about his views on war, and his father replies "People say that war is inevitable. And to that I say fiddlesticks" Mr. Birling clearly believes that Germany will not declare war on Britain. "the Germans don't want war, nobody wants war" but the audience of 1946 know full well the Germans want war. Mr. Birling goes on to say, "The worlds developing so fast that it'll make war impossible" The audiences in the theater were viewing the play in the year 1946, but the set year of the play is 1912. ...read more.


Unlike her father Sheila doesn't believe that getting Eva Smith fired was acceptable or respectable. She feels remorse and wishes she had never acted out those actions that may have done so much damage. From when the Inspector enters the house, he goes about asking questions in a rude manner and he receives hostility for it mainly from Mr. Birling, but asking questions in this way/manner only helped him to get information out of the other characters by intimidating them and frustrating them. An example of frustrating characters and trying to intimidate them is when the inspector asks Mr. Birling why he refused to give his workers a pay rise. Inspector "why" Birling "Did u say why??" Inspector "Yes. Why did you refuse?" Birling "Well, inspector, I don't see that it's any concern of yours how I choose to run my business. Is it now?" Mr. Birling clearly doesn't wish to answer the question at hand, but the inspector leads him to believe that he has to. ...read more.

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