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'Internet Classrooms vs. Traditional Classrooms.' The advantages of the Internet classroom can be used to fill the drawbacks of the traditional system.

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The importance of the traditional classroom & the uses of the internet classroom in the modern ages* In the Modern Ages as technology develops, the Internet has become a major informational and communicational power. Nearly everything in life is being taken over by the Internet, including school: an idea that school can be operated on the Internet is currently spreading across the world. Some people think it an unavoidable change on the way to modernization while others consider it a destruction of tradition. Now, we shall look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet classroom to find a way in which the Internet classroom can be used in a good way. The advantages of the Internet classroom can be used to fill the drawbacks of the traditional system: it can be used in sparsely populated areas where the distance to school is too far. It would also be advisable when there are too many students and the number of teachers is limited, when a class member has a sickness or other problem that disables going to school, when a student wants to study abroad but cannot because of certain conditions and in many other situations. ...read more.


Now, I shall look at my own experience in traditional and Internet classes. I usually enjoy school because I can talk to my teacher and friends and there are a lot of fun classes. Still, sometimes, when I feel tired, I complain about walking the half a mile to school every day because it's hard and tedious walking. Then I think, "God, I could do with an Internet class." Also, when I have flu, I cannot go to school, so I am unable to study, but in an Internet classroom I just can work on my computer in a comfortable way. On the other hand, I enjoy my English Essay Class but I sometimes thought I would really like to meet the teacher and my classmates. I do not know what kind of people they are, so I sometimes feel as if I am communicating with a faceless stranger, or a machine. I cannot talk to them freely: private conversation on the Internet is a bit difficult and it is hard to open my mind and have deep talks with people on-line. ...read more.


Still, a limited use of the Internet-based learning system at appropriate situations would be very desirable to improve the weaknesses of the traditional schooling system. In conclusion, we must maintain the traditional schooling system for its strengths in communication between individuals. We should at the same time use the internet-based learning system in a limited way to revise the problems of the traditional classroom. It will provide opportunities of better education for people under unfortunate circumstances I have mentioned before. If we use the Internet classroom in a profitable way while preserving the traditional classroom, we would be able to guarantee an education of fine quality for all humanity, which will contribute to the development and prosperity of the world. *This essay was written in May 2008 under the persuasive topic 'Internet Classrooms vs. Traditional Classrooms.' I received a prize for Excellence at the 2008 English Essay Course (20/04/08~10/12/08) offered by the Seoul Education Research and Information Institute. I read this prize-winning essay at the finishing ceremony of the Essay Class in 24 December 2008 representing the 12 winners of prizes in the Primary area. ...read more.

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