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Interview with Friar Lawrence

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Detective: How did it all begin, Friar? Friar L: Well I suppose it started when Romeo came to me one morning and I suspected that something was wrong because Romeo was all bright and cheerful. I guessed that he had spent the night with Rosaline... Detective: Who is Rosaline? Friar L: She was Romeo's Girlfriend. Then I asked if he was with Rosaline and he said that he had forgotten her name and the woe it brought. I then asked where he had been. Romeo then said that he had been feasting with his enemy. Who I guessed was the Capulets... Detective: Who were the Capulets and why were they his enemies? Friar L: The Capulets and the Montagues, Romeo's family, have been fighting for generations. What they have been fighting about no one quite knows. Anyway Romeo asked me to marry him and Juliet... Detective: Juliet as in Juliet Capulet? Friar L: Yes, he asked me to marry them, so I agreed thinking that this would end the family feud, little did I know then that neither of their families knew. ...read more.


I planned to make the marriage public when the time came I also planned to unite the two families and bring Romeo back from Mantua. The time only came when it was too late. Detective: so you say that you would have eventually made the marriage public? Friar L: Yes, but only when the time came, otherwise there would be more violence, pain and probably death. Detective: Did you see Romeo at all after that? Friar L: No, although I did see Juliet. She came to me because her parents were planning to marry her to Paris. She was threatening to kill herself if I did not help her. So I gave her this potion, the idea of this potion was to make her look dead, when really she was shill alive. The potion was to be taken the night before her wedding, so she would seem dead and she would not get married. Then she would wake up 42 hours later and find Romeo by her side and they would be able to go away together to Mantua and everyone would think Juliet was dead and Romeo was banished. ...read more.


Now I think about it I should have delivered the message myself, to guarantee it arrived to Romeo. Detective: Right did not you think about telling Romeo's servant? Friar L: I had not been able to find him. Anyway after I discovered that the message had not reached Romeo I tried to arrive at the tomb before Romeo arrived and Juliet awaked. Unfortunately I am not as young as I used to be and so my feet could not carry me faster. I arrived just as Romeo had killed himself and Juliet was still asleep. I heard the watch coming so I ran off, because I was frightened of getting caught and being blamed for the death. It would have looked bad if I was standing over them. But just as I left the tomb Juliet awoke and seeing Romeo dead stabbed herself. If only I had not run off I would have been able to stop her. Detective: Thank you for your time, we will get back to you after this has been taken into consideration. By Alexander Marotta 10RJK ...read more.

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