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Interview with Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge)

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Interview With Takashi Shimuzu 1. Did you enjoy making the film? Absolutely, working with the cast was exciting and hilarious because they all have great sense of humours. It was also a good experience to be working with an American cast since I am always working with a Japanese cast. That was probably the main reason why I enjoyed it. 2. What were your highlights of the production? Having a laugh with the crew and making the scary scenes, for example at the end when the Grudge kills Doug. This was probably the hardest as it needed the most work, co-operation and special effects. 3. What did you find difficult about the production? Because I knew very little English it was sometimes very difficult to explain a scene that needed a lot of attention and focus. ...read more.


5. Who was your favourite cast member? I don't mean to be biased because I like them all but Susan()was my favourite because when we were doing her scene where she sees the Grudge on the staircase we were having a laugh about how we should do a comedy film together and I was willing to do it because she was so pretty. 6. What inspired you to re-create the Ju-on story? When I heard about it and studied it I thought it was a sad yet brilliant story so I thought I could turn it into a film, modernise it and add a bit more horror. So I thought up all of these characters like Toshio and the grudge that resembled characters in the story and made the film. So I guess you could say I imagined it and put it to life. ...read more.


a Japanese legend from an American point of view, because obviously Americans like horror and action while most Japanese films tend to be mystic and complicated. The cast come in handy because they speak the language and some are very well known, like Sarah Michelle Geller and the Buffy the vampire slayer series, this is good because people will think that if she's in the film then it must be good. 9. If you had a chance to do the film again what would you change? I wouldn't really change anything but I would reveal more of what the Grudge actually looks like because some people have complained to me saying that they didn't really see the face of the Grudge clear enough. 10. Will there be a Grudge 3? There will but you'll have to be patient as we are still thinking of how we can carry it on from the Grudge 2 and end. ...read more.

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