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invasion of iraq in 2003

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HEMIS NO: 340016 DOSSIER TWO EXTENSIVE READING PART ONE THE NIGHT IN THE HOTEL BY SIEGFRIED LENZ The night in the hotel is a short story, as I read through the story it reminds me greatly when I was a little child and how my parents showered me with so much love and care , especially whenever I requested or asked something from them as far as going extra mile to see that I get what I want even if it means for them to go and borrow just to make me happy. However, the language used was quite concise and easy to read and understand, and even the description used was well explanatory, especially at the end to see that his son was happy. Although he knew he could not make the early morning train to wave back to his son. Furthermore, the style and variation in the length of the sentences were concise and well explanatory. Moreover, judging from the story itself insights of human nature is kindness, love and care, irrespective of the fact that the stranger had no child of his own but went as far as helping a fellow stranger like himself. To conclude, after reading the story it can be seen that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Also if I am to rate this story I will score it above average because it was well explanatory and understood. BUTTERFLIES BY ROGER DEAN KISER The story butterflies is an absolutely beautiful and simple story, although heartbreaking. The story reminds me of my aunt who was childless and had to adopt a seven years old boy from an orphanage home - my heart was moved to see the pain and hurt that child must have passed through. However, the language used was simple and the words used were concise and well explanatory , besides the style of the story was very poetic making the length of the sentences easy to understand. ...read more.


However based on human nature, there is no insight gained from it because there is no form of human attitude or behaviour explained in the story, rather it centres on war and killings . In other words, after reading the story, the basic plot of the story creates suspense for the reader. Because we are only aware of the narrator's thoughts, we aren't aware of anything else that might be going on with the other sniper he's shooting at. When the narrator feels the intense desire to see the man he's killed, the reader knows there's a reason why, however unconscious. The moment where the narrator looks into the face of his brother is the accumulation of suspense throughout the entire story. In conclusion, if I am to rate this story it will be below average because it is full of suspense. THE LAST LEAF BY O' HENRY �The last leaf ' is a classic story with a good literary piece which in a way encouraged me as an individual that through the power of friendship, hope and sacrifice human beings can survive. This story can also be related to those victims suffering from AIDS virus , these victims are stereotyped and isolated away from the public, with love, hope and friendship these victims are able to overcome their struggles. However, the language used was in a metaphoric expression, which is well detailed and concise, furthermore the description I liked were sentences such as, "There was only a bare, dreary yard to be seen, and the blank side of the brick house twenty feet away," and " A persistent, cold rain was falling," give the reader an unwelcoming description of the surroundings in which the two main characters were living. Based on the insights of human nature, it talks about love, hope and friendship which is a friend in need is a friend indeed. ...read more.


However, during the past two months of my learning on study skills, it has motivated and influenced my interest to reading, writing accurately, managing my time effectively and also asking questions in the class to understand what the teacher is teaching. All this so far has improved based on the feedback I get from my coursework. Moreover, practice makes perfect, there are some areas in my study skills that needs to improve perfectly like; reading extensively which is very important and compulsory in study skills. I need to improve on by reading wide not necessarily what I study in class but outside the classroom to be able to get a useful understanding of what the course entails. Furthermore, time management is another important aspect of improving my study skills, although no one ever has enough time, even if they are not studying. The most difficult is simply finding the right time to carry out your work, therefore I would improve on time management by drawing out a study time-table and follow it strictly. In conclusion, I have come to like study skills as a course because it motivates and influences my interest and desire into learning different activities like reading, writing and also organizing one's studies in different approaches on how to carry out academic studies effectively. DOSSIER FIVE PARAPHRASING Sleep Scientist have discovered that sheep-counting is not a cure for insomnia, but picturing a relaxing scene helps. However, a group of researchers separated fifty insomniacs into three groups. The first group pictured a relaxing scene of waterfall; the second were sheep counters, while the third group were left on their own., it was discovered that the first group fell asleep twenty minutes earlier, moreover sheep counting does not help one drop off. Although, despite series of research on insomnia, one out of ten have chronic insomnia causing the US economy to spend 35 billion dollars a year. ...read more.

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