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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Media Essay

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An analysis of the opening of the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers Immediately at the opening of Phillip Kaufman's Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) we can tell this film is science fiction film, because of the tense atmosphere that is created by the credits. This is created by the effects of non-diegetic eerie music that is slowly suggesting a build-up. While the music is still causing tension in the background, the camera zooms out to reveal a barren planetscape harshly lit by a large, reddish sun. While the credits start to show up on the screen, clear, jelly like creatures begin floating away from the surface. The credits though are shown boldly in white, but appear to have tiny cracks in them, which create a sense of decaying. The tense music and unusual surroundings makes the audience feel a sense of unease, as the creatures begin to rise through space, the music changes from the shrill sound at the start to more of a flourish. The change in music suggests uplift and movement. This is when the camera reveals a shot of the Earth, from a high angle making the planet look weak and vulnerable. ...read more.


Although he gets into an argument over the hygiene with the manager, his expression changes quickly, from a smile to a scowl. The camera is tracking Matthew's movements. He is shown to be quite strict with his job and takes it very seriously. As he leaves, the camera zooms in on one of the kitchen staff smoking, and his windshield has been cracked with a bottle, but Matthew brushes it off his shoulder as though it happens regularly and he is used to it. The camera then zooms out as the car swiftly drives off. Later Mathew calls Elizabeth from work. The phone call conversation makes it clear that they are good friends, and know each other well. We are then informed that Elizabeth works as a lab technician at the health department, where Matthew also works. As Mathew is cutting up a news extract, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal a newspaper headline which reads, "Webs shroud the Bay Area". This is focused on and suggests that the headline maybe significant to the development of the plot. The scene is then cut and opens as Elizabeth and Geoffrey are going to sleep. The lighting is very dark and we see she has placed the flower in a vase next to Geoffrey's side of the bed. ...read more.


He maybe thinks that if she sees a psychiatrist, she might feel better, as at first she is shown as just being paranoid. This shows that Matthew has feelings for Elizabeth and he cares for her. Later that day, before the party, Mathew has an odd experience when his dry cleaner tells him, "My wife is not my wife." This is where the film starts developing a paranoid mood, and as Matthew backs out of the dry cleaners, the camera follows where he is looking in a point of view shot as he stares back at wife of the dry cleaner, who is looking very strange. This shows Matthew as being paranoid too. This is when Mathew and Elizabeth notice strangers staring at them, as though they are different and alienated to everyone else. In the first 25 minutes of the film, a sense of paranoia and loss of control has been developed. Which gives the audience a sense of suspicion and the feeling that they can not work out what is going on. This is all part of the slow reveal that is cleverly shown throughout the film, as the film progresses you realise how everything links into one another, and shows how you can't truly trust people. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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