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Invictus film review

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English Film Review Jessica Mandelstam Film Review on Invictus Clint Eastwood’s Invictus tells you many things about Nelson Mandela; that the highly revered ex-South African leader is a great statesman, a generous-hearted visionary and healer of an injured nation. This movie will give all audiences a challenging, emotional experience but it does have a happy ending. The film is centred on South Africa’s separation of race, the blacks are seen as worthless and the whites as superior. When Nelson Mandela was voted president he was determined to change the country into the ‘Rainbow Nation’ so he had the idea of using rugby as a solution to apartheid. Virtually every South African supports rugby and so in Mandela’s eyes it’s the perfect way to bring together the wounded nation. The Springboks rugby team were not performing very well but they were seen as an upholder of the old white rule and were therefore despised by the black majority who always cheered their opponents. But Mandela spied an opportunity; he championed the Springboks only black player, Chester, but also set out to inspire the team’s captain, François Pienaar (Matt Damon) to see if he could inspire them to win the upcoming rugby world cup. ...read more.


Clint Eastwood remains, at 79, a brave and unpredictable director of sincere and beautifully made Hollywood pictures. The movie starts with real footage of Nelson Mandela becoming president of South Africa; this shows the full impact he has on South Africa. The movie is like a history lesson at times. If you want to know about South Africa?s past then it?s a movie for you. The next scene is Mandela driving down the road, on one side young black children playing football on wasteland and the other side are a group of young white boys playing rugby on well cared for grass. As Mandela passes the black boys reach over the fence waving and shouting however on the other side the coach of the white boys rugby team states ?this is the day our country went to the dogs?. This shows the full scale of South Africa?s segregation. Throughout the whole movie there are some very moving scenes. For example when the Springboks tour the poorest parts of South Africa, all the young black children chant and cheer for the only black rugby player in the Springbok team. To them, Chester is a hero for doing what he is doing which in previous years would have been impossible. ...read more.


fact by the time the contest has reached its conclusion, the police had hoisted the kid on their shoulders and who know maybe they were planning to pay his way through college. Invictus is that kind of movie. The effects and storyline did not make this movie the way it was alone. The acting played a major part. With award winning actor Morgan Freeman playing Nelson Mandela he definitely did him justice. Freeman turns in a diligent, nuanced impersonation that at least hints at the private man behind the public image. His Mandela is by turns intelligent and cunning; his seraphic smile concealing a life of shadows. Meanwhile, Matt Damon makes a good fist of his role as Pienaar, although his character is hardly ever allowed to be more than a plot device. The film Invictus is overall an inspirational and motivating movie. With the use of different soundtracks coinciding with the storyline, having real pictures from South Africa?s past and using special effects and wonderful acting it all comes together to form the incredible motion picture. I rate the movie 4 out of 5 because although there were many emotional scenes the lack of excitement at the beginning made the film less engaging. The movie is still an emotional and rousing film and I highly recommend it. ...read more.

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