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IRA Attack.

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IRA Attack The beam of white light that penetrated the atmosphere brought everyone and everything to a halt. A thunderous noise that seemed to shatter the eardrum ripped through the sky. The aftershock of the explosion had knocked most people off their feet. Consequently chaos followed, but it had not always been this way. Docklands had been a peaceful place. The early stages of development had begun in the areas surrounding the docks, but it still possessed the tranquillity that was appreciated by the residents. Famous for its innovation and stature, Canary Wharf stood proud and firm. Never was it predicted that its foundations would quaver. Laura ran her fingers through her hair. Startled, she felt water trickling down her scalp. She dropped her hand to her lap, surprised as red smeared across her leg. The white linen of her trousers changed into a clear blue denim and she unwillingly felt herself drift into a painful memory. The patch of blood was now much larger and the pain had shifted to her left thigh. She peered at the children's bike that lay crooked on the pavement. Tears filled her eyes but she hastily controlled herself. ...read more.


Many windows had shattered and the limitless edges of the broken glass sharply reflected the sun's dying gaze. As a result an eerie glimmer rested upon all of the buildings. Some structures, refusing to stay standing, fell during the first shock. The stubborn few that remained, could be heard groaning by the cautious people that scuttled by. Steel-rod foundations had been forced to tear through their walls severing electricity wires and water pipes. Just minutes earlier, these pristine streets had been well kept and spotless. Now they struggled to exist. Gazing around, Laura observed on the distant pavement a man clambering to his feet. He limped over to his brief case, which lay strewn over the shrapnel speckled pavement. He was tall with unusual white-coloured hair and was constantly supporting his back with his right hand. Unlike Laura, he had no bloody gash, but appeared to be experiencing pain nonetheless. Laura opened her mouth to beckon him over, but disappointingly she sounded nothing more than a croak. Johnny slowly exhaled as he gathered his scattered papers into a pile. He returned to his feet trying to ignore the internal throbbing that continuously thrust down his spine. ...read more.


The sound of children laughing was replaced with motionless silence. There were no doors being opened and no steps being taken. A harsh sting in his left arm jolted him from his daze. The nearest store of his medication was in the inaccessible office block and his illness was becoming a serious threat. He began to hobble down the street in search of any potential help. Laura gazed as the fair-haired man staggered down the road away from her. Again she was lying on the floor, too weak to move. She prayed a desperate prayer that the man would see her, but she could feel unconsciousness looming. The weight on her eyelids became unbearable and she could no longer resist the pressure. As they unwillingly sealed, she listened to the sound of approaching sirens. The high clatter of metal upon metal drew her from her sleep. The interior of an ambulance van materialized around her and with a sigh of relief she acknowledged that she had been found. She glanced to her left and was glad to recognise the white-haired man. She muttered something but received no response. A dreary paramedic approached his bed and with an overcast expression, drew a black sheet over his head. Word count: 1160 Angela Stride 11C ...read more.

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