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Is 'An inspector Calls' a good piece of drama?

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Is 'An inspector Calls' a good piece of drama? John Boynton Priestley wrote 'An Inspector Calls' in 1945. He was born on the 13th of September 1894 in Bradford. He was always politically minded to some extent, and that is the reason for the socialist message behind the play. 'An Inspector Calls' was a well-known play when it was first produced, and it is still highly popular today. This is easily noticeable as; throughout the years the play has received many awards. A good piece of drama includes; good characters, a suitable setting and an easy to follow plot. Ideally the piece should have a moral message and an ending that creates suspense. The setting of 'An Inspector Calls' is extremely important. It reflects the wealth and stature of the Birling Family. The entire play is set in the Birling household. It is a large well-furnished house, 'It has good solid furniture of the period,' but it is not cosy or homelike, 'The general effect is substantial and heavily comfortable, but not cosy and homelike.' This tells us that the Birling family have not personalised nor respected their household in any way. The Birling's emphasize their wealth through the d�cor of their house. They are able to afford a telephone, which was very rare for people in 1912, when the play was set. They are also able to have servants to cater for their every need, 'the parlour maid is just clearing the table'. ...read more.


She thus starts the play as someone whom the audience would regard as superficial and 'very pleased with life' however, this changes once she hears of the girl's death and her potential part in it and becomes more caring and sensitive. She shows genuine remorse about the fact that it was her who caused the girl to lose her job at the shop. Sheila's response to the tragedy is one of the few encouraging things to come out of the play. She is genuinely upset when she hears of Eva's death and learns from her own behaviour. Throughout the time that the inspector is there, Sheila realises that she did not take the time to find out about other people of a lower stature than herself. When she finds out how her father runs his business, she is disgraced and immediately objects, 'these girls aren't cheap labour-they're people.' this tells us that although she was self-centred, Sheila has realised that the inspector's visit was for a reason and it told her that she was wrong to judge people. Not only is she prepared to admit her faults, she also appears keen and anxious to change her behaviour in the future, 'I'll never, never do it again'. Sheila has learnt her lesson from the night's events. The inspector plays a key role in the play. J.B Priestley uses Inspector Goole to create tension and suspense. ...read more.


To me the message is that society is a community and that each individual has a role in which they have responsibility for others, and that a person has to care for another, and see past the divide of social classes. J.B Priestley's ending is extremely abrupt. This could have been done in order to make the audience think about the situation. I think that the ending includes the most important speech in the whole play, 'Just remember this. One Eva Smith has gone but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, their hopes and fears, their suffering and chance of happiness, all intertwined with our lives, with what we think, say, and do. We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Good Night.' I think that the speech sums up all of Priestley's views by using the Inspector to try and get the message across to all of mankind about how we should learn how to live equally. I think that 'An Inspector Calls is a very good play and I highly enjoyed it. J.B Priestley has used the play to put across his strong views about equal rights and I think that he uses the characters very well to get his point across to everyone. Louise Hinchliffe ...read more.

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