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Is cloning right or wrong?

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Is cloning right or wrong? Cloning has always been a highly debated subject, because of the potential gain being highly important in many ways, for example treating mental degenerative disease and cancers, but in the research embryos and foetuses are destroyed. This, to many people constitutes murder. There has also been a large amount of confusion between the different types of cloning in the press and thus in most people. The intention of this essay is to discuss this important issue, so I will try to avoid going into the specifics of the processes and keep to the arguments. Cloning is replicating the DNA of a person or animal to grow another organism (in whole or part) ...read more.


The advantages of embryo cloning include; an understanding of miscarriages, improved contraceptives, and preventing growth of cancer cells. But those who oppose embryo cloning say that it will lead to "designer babies", an attitude similar to that in nazi Germany in the run up to the holocaust, and the possibility of harming or killing embryos and foetuses which are considered by many pro-life supporters as people, thus, according to these pro-life supporters, deserve the same rights as other humans. Therapeutic cloning is often said to have the most benefits. The main intention of therapeutic cloning is to provide replacement organs and tissues for transplant, but as well as these, there would be a new insight into how cells grow and develop meaning that the possibility of treatments for many other diseases and disabilities may be found. ...read more.


People can also be unwilling to donate the cells needed for cloning. In my opinion, cloning in all its forms needs to be heavily regulated so as to prevent a sentient being coming into existence then being destroyed or damaged. If this is done then I believe that the research in both embryo cloning and therapeutic cloning should be allowed. In conclusion there is unlikely to be an end to this debate unless there is a major change in morality and ethics in the average person and either the pro-life supporters or the scientists and supporters of cloning, however I believe that the benefits out weigh the problems if there are tight regulations restricting how far an embryo is allowed to develop. Final copy Cloning - right or wrong? A discursive essay ...read more.

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