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Is cooperation better than competition?

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´╗┐Many people think that cooperation is more important than competition, to want extent do you agree or disagree? Our society forging ahead, the significance of both cooperation and competition, methodologies by which humanity cope with awkward social encounters, tends to be acceleratingly pivotal to all walks of life. However, whether the effectiveness of cooperation override that of competition has sparked off spirited debate. I personally advocate the belief that, at the status quo, more weight should be attached to the sense of collaboration, the effervescence instilled into a wide spectrum of communities and the spirit profoundly immersed in success. ?The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.? By which I mean, by no means can the sum of ...read more.


?Great discoveries invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.? Could you appoint a single scientist to invent a brand-new, cutting-edge devise without others? assistance? Certainly not! Apparently, there is not a scintilla of possibility that merely one scientist, regardless of how world-renown he is and how ineffable works he has accomplished, can flawlessly combat all hindrances attached to such explorations. Moreover, cooperation is the catalyst for strengthening social rapports. There is no denying that accompanying the process in which we pay concerted efforts for the sake of obtaining the ultimate goal, mutual fidelity and faith play an paramount role, both of which, therefore, will have been bolstered eventually. ...read more.


What is more, competition may also abstract leaders from focusing on the genuine target, thus distort the value of ultimate outputs. To illustrate, two political parties of a country may give their best shot on how to defeat each other, other than devoting themselves to serving the society. Consequently, who will suffer are the innocent citizens who were promised the idyllic living ambience that are jeopardized by the ?political war?. Competition being the developing stumbling block to some extents, the superiority of cooperation will suffice to be reinforced. Having critically and objectively analyzed all the arguments relating to this dilemma, although some minuscule benefits of competition can not be masked, I will consistently held in high regard the belief that the sense cooperation must be dominant over the sense of competition. ...read more.

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